I've been watching the NEWS fairy tales on MSNBC tonight. This live show was supposed to be NEWS. It was anything but news. It was McCarthy's Anti-American propaganda and witch-hunt being re-enacted before our eyes.

Let's set the record straight about Americans. The United States does not hold copyright to the words America or Americans. In fact the one entity that has LEAST right to assume claim to the name is the United States Federal Government. The United States is a non-sovereign, legal-fiction, created by the nation states that formed it, and it only holds claim to 10 miles squared.

There are many Americans on these two continents that are not a part of the United States. There are also many Americans within the fifty states that also declare they are not a part of the United States.

The host and guest of the MSNBC show was declaring Pro-Peace people, especially famous artists, as anti-American. If I remember correctly Canadians are also Americans. You can correct me if I am wrong here, with solid evidence they are not Americans. Canadian people solidly stood for PEACE! I'm sure these Canadians are Pro-American, as they are Pro-Peace and Pro-People.

Every person south of the Rio Grande River -i.e. Central and South America are also Americans and their nations also reject the U.S. Invasion of Iraq as wrong and stood up for PEACE. I'm sure these people are also Pro-American, as they are Pro-Peace and Pro-People.

I am from Texas... a nation state in its own right. I am Pro-Peace, Pro-Texas, and Pro-American. I am against this horror of the world, the Federal Government entrenched in Washington, DC. I am ashamed that legal fiction has anything whatsoever to do with Texas and Texans.

To be against the U.S. Federal Government is to be as American as was Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Webster, John Adams, John Tyler, Jefferson Davis, and others.

The entire NEWS show was set up to trash artists, such as Susan Sarendon, for their Pro-Peace stand against an illegal war. The guest on the show was this loathsome creature name Dr. Michael Savage, the host of the show Savage Nation. Dr. Savage's entire diatribe was meant to smear these artists for their standing up for Peace.

As I watched this man entity he reminded me of Joe McCarthy as he threw around platitudes and cliches from the 1950's, like 'Anti-American'. He even went so far to say that these artists have NO business interfering in politics. He openly recommended that no one even go to their movies!

Well that recommendation works two ways folks.

I am listening to David Icke speak on the Jeff Rense show as my anger increases over this nauseating attack against these Pro-Peace artists. David is speaking about our reality, and how we create our reality and can accept what others present to us, or create another for ourselves.

I do not recommend emailing, writing, or phoning Dr. Savage. That is only cutting at the tail of the snake. Go for the head of the snake.. those that are responsible for this man entity and his show even being aired. We know already that MSNBC makes the show available. Find out your local station that carries the show. Locate radio stations that might be carrying the show. Make note of which companies are advertising and sponsoring this show.

Then write (the most effective), phone, and email each one that assisted in making the show available. Let them know that in your reality, their product no longer exists. In other words, their products or stations or networks, will NEVER be in your sight or your home again. Your reality will be set free from such shows that propagate tyranny and incite people against people. Complain in writing to your local retailers for carrying those products. The show airs on televsion on Saturday. Start making notes. Change a bit of your reality. Let these sponsors know full well that it is an outright lie to allow that show to say you are anti-American simply because you are pro-Peace.

Also let them know that you very well intend to tell everyone in your sphere of influence about their sponsoring such a propaganda tool as this show. Everyone has a sphere of influence of around 100 people.

This damned insane war is NOT a war of Americans against Iraq. It is a war of Washington D.C. against Iraq. Many states and cities have supported PEACE and took the NO-WAR stand.

I am and many of you are PRO-TROOPs too. I don't want them over there in harm's way in a war that is illegal as the Federal Government in Washington D.C. is. I want those soldiers proudly defending OUR nations and shores. Not sent off to be maimed or killed in a foreign land in a country whose people have never threatened the American people or any of our shores.

That, of course, is their only constitutional function. They are not to be cannon fodder for use by the Federal Government in wars they have no business in. Soldiers ask yourselves, why is the flag on your shoulder backwards? Why is the field of blue on the wrong side? You are NOT fighting for YOUR country.. that is not the flag of your country.

This Dr. Savage made his 'line in the sand' when he stated that the artists should not make their Pro-Peace views known. He is attempting to restrict their freedom and rights.

To Islamic Jihadists: Note Americans are not your enemy. The U.S. Federal Government is. I am ashamed and dismayed as I drive through Texas and see the Star and Stripes flying in Occupation over our courthouses and government buildings. This is Texas and Texas flags should be the ONLY flag marking its property. This same holds true when I drive through Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc. It's a disgrace to the entire concept of freedom to have the flag of Occupation flying over these lands and government buildings. The Federal Government of the United States has stolen the freedom, independence and sovereignty from these states.

Now locate the movies, songs, etc. that these honest artists have worked on and go see the movies! Support those that support PEACE. Buy French wine and German beer! Buy Canadian products. Let your hard earned dollars vote your will too. If you are outside the U.S. and the show is shown there contact your government officials about this insanity.

Shows like this are purely propaganda and tend to incite people against people for simply having different viewpoints. We can pull the plug on riot inciting shows such as this. We, the Pro-Peacers, are the majority in the AMERICAS.

They have a right to their opinions. Never have they had the right to restrict our rights or lie about us.

editorial and opinion by L. Savage
I remain PRO-PEACE and against the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of a foreign nation

©L. Savage
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There are legal designs for this restriction

"Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people (the U.S.) designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand."

General Robert E. Lee to Governor Stockdale of Texas

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