By Sgt . Gregg W. Paulson

After many discussions with the three primary racial groups, I've come to the conclusion that these groups have great difficulty living among each other in society. What does this have to do with the Republic of Texas, in particular with its concept of what freedom is? Simply put, it's your ONLY hope of living how you choose. You will have the freedom to choose with whom and where you live without incurring the wrath of the government or anyone else. The Republic of Texas' concept of freedom is one of true freedom, not one of the freedom wrapped in a thousand - BUT's, IF's, and OR's- with all kinds of hoops to jump through and hurdles to jump over. It is what YOU make of it. It is freedom. Why do I claim that the Republic of Texas is your only hope of achieving the lifestyle you desire?

Because no racially intolerant or bigoted nation is going to he allowed to exist in today's world community for very long. The Republic of Texas is going to have to interact with other prosperous nations in order to not become a third-world nation itself. In other words, a racist nation or one that sponsors racism openly will not exist for long, because the world community will strangle it economically. This is the reality we live in.

The Republic of Texas will never force anyone to live, work, or play with someone of another race that they do not want to. You'll have the freedom to live in your own community or even create your own town or city. This is freedom. This can be yours!

Freedom works both ways, however. Every other race will have the same rights as yours. No single race will be allowed to infringe upon the rights of any other race. In order for a nation to exist with such a concept of freedom, it is necessary that everyone's rights he respected and protected, yours as well as theirs.

There are some people of all races who pay no mind to what race a person is of, these people will also have the freedom to live and work with whom they choose.

The Republic of Texas is not in the business of forcing different racial groups to integrate, as has been the practice for the last few decades in the U.S.A. The Republic will also not be supporting people who choose not to work, so no huge welfare communities will exist. To some, that statement seems unfair or even harsh, but it's not the government's business to provide subsistence or success. That is left up to you, the citizen!

There will be no special advantages given to one group, be it organized by race, creed, sex, or any other measure. Intelligent people who wish to learn and acquire an education will be able to get into the universities, should they qualify. A qualification not based on race, but smarts. There's also the possibility of there being a one race university if someone took the initiative to create one. There is no reason not to start one in your own community! Education will be left for those with a desire to get an education, it will not be mandatory. No one has the right to force people to better themselves; besides, should YOU be forced to better yourself? Better in whose opinion? I don't think so!

This has been tried in the U.S.A. and proven a waste of time. Those who want to get an education and are willing to go after it, generally manage to get one regardless of whether they are poor or rich. It should be a choice, that is the nature of freedom!

What the Republic offers to all people who have the guts and will to live in responsible freedom is the opportunity to realize that goal. The freedom to build yourself and your people up and, unfortunately, the freedom to tear yourself down. The choice is yours, it's a freedom of choice! What could be more fair?

I believe wholeheartedly that any community, state or nation that racially separates itself is not going to fare near as well as a community, state, or nation that values intelligence, hard work, self-motivation, self-improvement, and high moral standards. Why? Well, partly due to the economic side of things because companies that offer high-paying jobs, many of them international, are not going to want to locate in an area that cannot offer it the personnel it requires- from the executives to the janitors. Many of these international companies require you to work with other races, it's their business, and so can do what they want, just as you can in your own company! The Republic of Texas will not engage in forcing companies to operate in any way other than being responsible for themselves and the environment.

As for myself, I am confident in what I am. I'm not intimidated by someone of a different race, intelligence or ability. I will not live next door to someone who cannot respect my rights and my lifestyle, just as someone who doesn't like my ways doesn't have to live next door to me! IF they keep their business to themselves, conform to the norms of the community, and allow me to do the same, then I care less if they are green or blue!

One question I've been faced with and have had to answer for myself is this: "When in the foxhole in the middle of a battle, would I rather have a person who will stick (regardless of their race), or a person of my own race who is a coward?" Both heroes and cowards come in all colors. When it came down to it in my own fight for independence, my brother by race ran, while a true man of another race, stood tall and went down with the rest of us. Myself, I will choose to have the hero in my foxhole, as any one of us who wants to win would.

The bigger enemy (the U.S. Government) has done a fine job keeping everyone focused on the differences between the races, along with other lesser things, in order to keep us all from overcoming the real foe of freedom. Find someone who understands what the amendments to the U.S. Constitution mean and you'll find out who it is that made us all slaves.

Freedom to live as you choose comes with a price. This price has to be paid before your dreams can be realized, before you can have the freedom to choose how you want to live and with whom. This price is small: we must all set aside the racial issue for now in order to achieve the freedom to solve the issue later. Before a person can drive in his car anywhere he pleases, he must have gas to run his car. In order for gas to be made for his car and before he can have the freedom to drive wherever he chooses, many people must come together regardless of race and do the drilling, the tapping, the transporting, the refining, etc. oil the crude oil that becomes gas for his car. In order for your dreams of living how you choose and with whom you choose to become reality, YOU must set aside your differences and work for the greater cause- FREEDOM!

I think setting aside my differences for a short while in order to benefit for a long while is the right thing to do. I hope you share in that opinion.

So, the choice is yours, choose wisely. Texas WILL win its independence again, with or without you. The history books will show who lead the way for all of the sheeple followers, as it has in the past. The greatest benefit that I can imagine a person getting from this fight for freedom would be that he/she was at the forefront of an issue that mattered, a contributing partner who helped shape the world we live in. A doer, not a follower. A person who will be able to stand before God and know they stood for TRUTH, for truth is of God.

To put aside differences in the short term in order to achieve our goals in the long term, will take guts, strength, and a true devotion to our cause. This is exactly what we must do in order to achieve our goal of a free Texas. We must stand true to our cause by standing true to our struggle for freedom. In this, I hope to count you as a partner, but if not, then I hope to see you move to the U.S. and leave the work, sacrifices, and the glory that comes to a man deserving of freedom to those of us willing to do what it takes.

Only the brave of heart are welcome on my side. There is no welcome for cowards, nor for the selfish. The United States has fallen apart due to the actions of men with no backbone, cowards, the lazy, and the selfish. Not so with Texas!

It takes the strength of God to stand up first, but those who have it must give care to not fall for the games of those who want the glory and credit without the sacrifice.

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Sgt . Gregg W. Paulson
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Great thanks are offered to Mr. C.E. Binch for the insights he has provided on this issue. May he some day join the fight.

Sgt. Gregg Paulson is incarcerated in the occupying nations'
prison at the direction of George Bush Jr.
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"Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people (the U.S.) designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand."

General Robert E. Lee to Governor Stockdale of Texas

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