Shrub's Injustice by Injection
Texas Death Row Lawyers Said Inferior

The Dallas Morning News reported on Sunday that roughly one in four convicts on death row in Texas were represented in their trials or appeals by court-appointed lawyers with a record of professional misconduct.

This crucial fact has immediate and undeniable bearing on the current high execution rate in Texas; leading to reasonable speculation the state of affairs is no accident, as it helps grease the way for the continuing human sacrifice extravaganza going on there under the leadership of Bohemian Grove denizen/cultist Gov. Dubya Bush.

The high number of executions in Texas has grabbed the national spotlight since Bush became the Republican nominee for president.

Texas has put 231 people to death, more than ANY OTHER STATE, since resuming capital punishment in 1982. Bush has presided over MOST of those -- 144 and counting -- since taking office only five years ago.

The Dallas Morning News, continuing in their recent tradition of high-quality investigative journalism, said their study of 461 death row cases found many lawyers appointed for impoverished defendants had been previously disciplined by the state bar association.

The newspaper said that while some states have full-time public defender systems, Texas has adopted a system using lists of local lawyers appointed to capital cases by judges and paid low rates that vary by county.


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