Austin Insider Reveals Dubya HAS NO BELLYBUTTON!
--Hatched... SPAWNED.. or even WORSE...

A disgruntled insider who's worked for several years at the governor's mansion in Austin, Texas during Dubya Bush's second term has revealed to NewsHawk some UTTERLY SHOCKING, revolting and horrifying news.

No, we're not talking about the Bush's taste in furniture and interior design either (SPEAKING of which: gee, that "leather" on the couch kinda reminds me a little of those lampshades from Auschwitz, Dub. What kind of animal DID you say that leather was made from?)

The horrifying news made public didn't EVEN have to do with the TRULY sick things that Dubby and his New World Order buddies do at that Bohemian Grove frolic they go to regularly.

No, it was this.

The source, who must remain anonymous, worked on the personal housekeeping staff at the Austin mansion, and on several occasions observed Mr. Dub with his SHIRT OFF. (No biggy, the boxers were on.)

But GUESS WHAT? This member of the staff PLAINLY observed -- clear as DAY -- that DubHead HAS NO BELLYBUTTON! Nada! Smooth sailing right across the midriff. Honest, we're NOT making this up (much).

This stomach-turning news comes at a time when it seems pretty likely this "creature" is about to be our next president; so in hopes of coming to grips with this shocking issue we're trying first of all to figure out just HOW Dubya may have even come into existence, if NOT born from a human --or any other mammalian --kind of mother.

Was he hatched? Or maybe spawned? Cloned? One of those test-tube-gestated reptilian alien hybrids? At this point, until more evidence becomes available, all we can do is guess.

And WONDER... just WHEN is the fact that this individual is clearly NOT human in the generally accepted sense of the term going to be revealed in some tremendously disturbing actions he carries out?

We can only wait for time to reveal the truth.

From: NewsHawk Inc.