The election is over and the courts have made their decisions and George W. Bush is the President-elect. Everything is OK now … so why are some of us getting the feeling "WE'VE BEEN HAD?"

Consider this. If you were President of the United States and your final term was coming to an end, wouldn't you be thinking about where you were going to live when January 20 th rolled around? Wouldn't you be looking for somewhere to call home? And wouldn't you start the process in time for the Secret Service to prepare your new home so that they could properly protect you? BILL CLINTON DIDN'T DO THIS!

You say he has the home in New York to go to, but from all accounts that is Hillary's. Well, they're husband and wife so they will live there together. If that's true then the persistent rumors out of Washington that the Clinton's are divorcing must be wrong, but if they are, then why is Hillary getting a reported eight million dollar advance on her book where she's going to tell all about Bill? Hardly the kind of thing you would do if you wanted to stay married.

Then there is the new multi-million dollar estate in D.C. that Hillary just bought. That's right, Hillary's buying it, not Bill and Hillary. Bill says that he wants her to have it so he'll have a place to visit her. These are the very questions that former Clinton associate Larry Nichols has been asking during talk show appearances and on his website (http://www.larrynichols.com/). Only after Nichols had been asking this question for several weeks did the mainstream media pick up on the fact that Bill Clinton had no place to go to when he left office. When Clinton staffers were asked about it they said "the President wants to savor every moment of his remaining term in office." Nichols persisted and finally the stories began to appear that the Clintons were shopping for a home in D.C., when in fact it was Hillary and NOT "the Clintons." Were they again reacting to Larry Nichols?


During the Nixon administration at the peak of the Cold War Congress enacted Dooms Day legislation intended to allow the President to run the country in the event that a substantial portion of the government was killed in a nuclear attack. That legislation established the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, as it is known.

You've heard of it during times of disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornados and hurricanes. We think of it as the disaster agency, but FEMA only recently came to have those responsibilities.

During the Iran/Contra hearings, Congressman Jack Brooks asked Oliver North if he were working on a plan that would suspend or circumvent the U.S. Constitution and allow the present Administration, meaning Reagan's Administration, to continue in office beyond his term limit. On both questions Chairman of the Committee Inouye ordered North not to answer and as a matter of fact suggested to Brooks that if he wanted to continue this line of questioning that it should be done in closed hearings. What was it that Oliver North was working on that Jack Brooks knew about that couldn't be discussed in open hearings? It was FEMA, (The Federal Emergency Management Act).

This was further brought out in a video dealing with the Iran/Contra war when Congressman Henry Gonzalez made it very clear that a President could suspend the Constitution, serve beyond his term limit, and even have American citizens arrested and detained under the auspices of terrorism as an example and deny them their rights under Constitutional Law. It is a fact that under FEMA a President may declare a national emergency and thereby, in effect, make himself the de facto Monarch.

Congress and the Supreme Court would be sent home and all power placed in the hands of the President. Just imagine that much power in the hands of one man… BILL CLINTON!

Once FEMA is invoked, it cannot be suspended for a period of less than one year. This was put in so that presidents would not be able to use this act as a way to handle lesser or minor problems. In the hands of Bill Clinton this could be incredibly dangerous.

Knowing that this was a possibility, Congress set forth a way that if a President refused to declare the emergency over that the military could, under the Unlawful Order law, reinstate through peaceful means the Constitution and the government back to the people. This safety net may explain why, effective October 6, 2000, the Attorney General, or in this case, Janet Reno, during times of a national disaster would take full and complete control of our military and our nuclear arsenal. You must ask yourself why would Bill Clinton sign into effect a special order making the Attorney General have full power and control over our military? What legitimate purpose could this move have, especially when you consider the Posse Comitatus Act passed at the end of the Civil War preventing a President from using the military as a national police force as Abraham Lincoln had done? At this point, Bill Clinton's system of obtaining power and keeping it is complete.

Ask yourself this question: If you were the President of the United States, and you had allegedly committed high crimes and misdemeanors that included accepting bribes (in the form of illegal foreign campaign contributions) from a country (Communist China) that potentially presents the deadliest threat against American citizens, and you had so far successfully thwarted every effort by the people and the Congress of the United States to uncover the facts of your alleged crimes, would you, if you could find a way to legally hold on to the Presidency after your term in office had expired, surrender that high office that had protected you for the past eight years, or would you give it up and face possible prosecution and imprisonment?


During the 1998 mid-term elections, Bill Clinton was stumping for candidates across the country. The press entourage that travels with the President was telling jokes about the Clinton Administration when the President boarded Air Force One. Sensing his administration was the butt of the joke, and after engaging with small talk with the press corps, Clinton said, "I wonder if you folks in the media would talk about me like that if you thought I was going to be the last president the United States ever had?"


Was Bill Clinton joking or was this a slip of the tongue? If Bill Clinton is truly planning a legal "coup d'etat," FEMA would be his tool of choice. All he needs is a National Emergency and he's set to become a legal dictator in America. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln suspended the Constitution and the Bill of Rights while we fought the "War Between the States." Look at what's going on around the world and you can see a number of potential events that under the right circumstances could be used to manifest a domestic crisis in this country, which would be all Clinton needs to trigger FEMA.

The Stock Market has been in a decline ever since the Clinton Justice Department savaged Microsoft, causing it to lose over half its value. On the heals of Microsoft, the "dotcoms" fell out of the sky causing Americans to lose more than a trillion dollars from their retirement savings. The NASDAQ has lost over fifty percent of its value in the last year and in spite of Fed Chairman Greenspan's lowering interest rates twice in two days, the stock market continues to freefall.

The Middle East peace talks are on again… off again… and perhaps on again. Bill Clinton has been pushing both sides to make peace and the Israelis have made unprecedented concessions to secure peace, but the Palestinians are still throwing rocks and bombs even as Yassar Arafat visits with the President and says he wants to negotiate. In fact, the Palestinians aren't very happy with the United States and there are fears that we could see terrorist attacks here in America from dissident Palestinian factions who will never accept peace with the Israelis.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other Black leaders are preaching that President elect Bush has "stolen the election" and that there were widespread instances of Black voters being denied their right to vote. Jackson and others have threatened widespread demonstrations that could turn into rioting. With several hand counts of the Florida vote about to commence by Liberal groups and the media, it is a foregone conclusion that they will prove that Al Gore was the real winner in Florida and that the presidency was stolen by George Bush, making it possible that the threatened demonstrations could turn violent. And the list goes on.


In the meantime, Bill Clinton has been very quiet, having been out of the country much of the time since the election. Gore in his concession speech did not even mention the President, which caused more concern from the media than the fact that Clinton has said almost nothing. But, this could be just another Clinton smoke screen. The first "Rule of Clinton" is to always do just the opposite of what he says. In this case he is saying nothing, which would mean that he is up to something big.


Starting is his Arkansas days, Bill Clinton found that information is power, especially information on your opponents or those that could help or hurt you. When Bill Clinton came to Washington he knew that information would be the key to his future success.

Within weeks of becoming President he started collecting information on those in power leading to the "File Gate" investigation. Hundreds, possibly well over a thousand "raw" FBI files were sent to the White House where Clinton staffers poured over them looking for information that could be useful to them. While the files may have been returned to the FBI, and no one knows for sure, it is reported that the contents were captured in computers and remain there to this day. In addition, teams of private investigators collect information on those that could present a problem for Bill Clinton. This information can be used to control members of Congress, the media or others that get in the way or will not do the bidding of Bill Clinton. This method of governing was successful in Arkansas and had proved equally successful in Washington where everyone seems to have something to hide. Didn't it seem odd that not a single Democrat voted for Impeachment? Long after Bill Clinton leaves the White House, if he ever does, he will remain the most powerful man in the world with the information that he controls, and for Bill Clinton power is everything.



1. Twenty-eight states have laws allowing their Electoral College Electors to vote contrary to the wishes of the people of their state. Knowing that, if Bill Clinton wanted Al Gore to be President, doesn't it seem surprising that he couldn't get just three people to change their vote in favor of Al Gore?

2. If Bill Clinton is planning to leave the White House on January 20 th , who do you think he would want to be President Elect? Al Gore or George Bush?

3. If Bill Clinton is planning on staying in office, who do you think he would want to be President Elect? Al Gore or George Bush?


1. With all the money, power and ability to intimidate that Bill Clinton and his friends and operatives can bring to bear, it's inconceivable that getting three Electors to change their votes could not be accomplished. That being said, Bill Clinton got the outcome that he wanted… George W. Bush.

2. If Bill Clinton were planning to give up power and the office of President, he would want to turn power over to a member of his party, Al Gore.

3. If Bill Clinton was planning to stay, then his party would likely revolt if he usurped power from their standard bearer, Al Gore, but if George Bush was the President Elect, he would only be denying power to the man that they believe has "stolen the Presidency," and they would most likely support him at least for a time, so the answer is George Bush.


The United States of America is unique among nations. In our 225-year history we have never lost sight of the goals and ideas set down by the founding fathers: A government of, by and for the people. Over the past forty years or so, we have been gradually moving towards socialism. Liberal ideas are everywhere. Morals are at an all time low and our children are being taught in school that ideas that were abhorrent to us a half-century ago and which still are to most of us are OK and normal. In the days of Nixon no one would have ever thought that FEMA could be used in the ways suggested above. Bill Clinton believes that he has the right to, and should, remain in power. He has attempted to have the Supreme Court overturn the 22 nd Amendment that limits a President to two terms, but fortunately the Court didn't listen to him. Bill Clinton is consumed by power. Money means little to him except for the power that he can buy with it and he will do anything to remain in power beyond his term.

If we are to pass the mantle of President on to the next President, then we need to stop Bill Clinton before it is too late and America is irreparably damaged forever. Larry Nichols knows Bill Clinton as few others know him. He worked directly with Clinton in Arkansas as a member of the Clinton "Kitchen Cabinet" and as Marketing Director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. In Arkansas he saw first hand the Bill Clinton that would stop at nothing to obtain what he wanted. He saw the corruption and the plans whereby Bill Clinton was able to get elected to the highest office in the land, and he knows that Bill Clinton "Ain't Leavin" unless "We the People" stand and be counted and let Bill Clinton know that we won't stand for it if he tries to stay in office.


Bill Clinton's plan won't work if it is exposed to the light of day. You can count on the fact that the media won't talk about the possibility of his staying, even though privately many know about FEMA and what Larry Nichols has been talking about for months. So, it's up to us, the Silent Majority that love our country and believes in its goodness to STAND AND BE COUNTED. We must take it upon ourselves to shine the light on Bill Clinton so that come January 20 th , the next President will be installed in the highest office in the land.

Start by forwarding a copy of this letter to everyone that you know that loves America. Call your local talk radio show and ask them what they think about Larry Nichols' statement that "Clinton Ain't Leavin," and tell them what you have read here about FEMA and direct them to the Larry Nichols website at www.larrynichols.com for more information. Send a letter, fax or email to your representatives in Congress and ask them the three questions we mentioned earlier. Be exact, use the words exactly the way we did so that there can be no mistake in what you've said and what they think you've said. Then be sure that you point out the answers as detailed in our letter because then they can see very clearly that something is wrong with this picture. Larry Nichols has done everything humanly possible to get this word out so that we could stop Clinton but now it's up to you. You must act now and do your part by sending this letter along with any comments or remarks you want to make to as many people as you possibly can using fax machines, e-mails, hand delivering, and if time permits, even direct mail. But no matter how you do it, you must do it now. Clinton can not steal our country unless he can take it cleanly and the majority of the people don't know what's happening.

A Pe

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