The Manchurian Candidate
by William Cooper


I knew Senator John McCain's father when Admiral John S. McCain Jr. was the Commander in Chief of the Pacific (CINCPAC). I sincerely believe that Admiral McCain, if he were alive, would tell you exactly what I am about to tell you. Admiral McCain always put his country first and foremost above all other issues.

The fact that Senator John McCain was shot down and captured over North Vietnam does not make him a hero. The goal of any pilot is to not get shot down. The fact that he was a Prisoner of War does not make him a hero. The goal of all military personnel is to not become a POW. The fact that he endured prison, torture, and brainwashing for all that time makes him a survival hero in my humble opinion. I am very happy that he survived and that he was able to return home.

However, Senator John McCain was tortured and brainwashed by the communists for over 5 years. Regardless of what you may have been told, or what you may believe, no one, not anyone on this earth can withstand torture and brainwashing without breaking down, giving up information, and permanent damage to the mind... usually to traditional belief systems and thought processes in the areas of religion, philosophy, and politics.

By his own admission Senator John McCain, while a POW, traded information for special medical treatment which no other POW received. He made public statements while a POW detrimental to the United States Navy and the United States of America.

Many brainwashing victims become fractured personalities programmed to perform some task or tasks in the future. Their programming can be activated by audio, visual, or other types of stimulation. These are facts not conjecture. Anyone can confirm these facts with a little research.

Remember, what is known about torture and brainwashing is old information, and it is terrifying. I have no access to what is still kept secret. I have no knowledge of what can be done to a victim using the state of the art techniques which are held in the strictest secrecy by all nations.

I doubt that Senator McCain knows the extent of the damage done to his mind... and according to all the studies and facts available concerning torture and brainwashing he could not have anything other than a damaged mind. The movie may have been fiction... but Senator John McCain is without any doubt the real Manchurian Candidate.

When I look at his voting record in the United States Senate I do not see a conservative Republican. I see a record that reveals a closet socialist, a proponent of the New World Order.

Love him if you must, honor him if you can, respect him in his office, but don't ever vote for him again. It was a mistake to put him in the Senate. It would be a much bigger mistake to put a man who has been tortured and brainwashed by communist mind control experts for over 5 years in the White House.

William Cooper


story submitted by Joseph Barrett

Reprinted not for profit.
Copyright 1999 Excel Studios Corporation

William Cooper is also the author of the world famous book, entitled, Behold a Pale Horse. Cooper, a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the end of the Berlin Wall, and the invasion of Panama. His information came from top secret documents that he read while with the Intelligence Briefing Team and from over 20 years of research. This book is a must read before you cast another vote at election time. One can now understand the new terminology in the news like: 'The New World Order' and 'The Council on Foreign Relations

Behold a Pale Horse

by William Cooper

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