Military Fraud-As-Usual at Redstone Arsenal
by Al Martin



A World Exclusive Report by whistle-blower Al Martin reveals mega-fraud at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

In his online column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway," Al Martin describes the decadent and corrupt activities of US military officers for whom fraud and treason are just business as usual.

"Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama -- where illegal foreign arms merchants enjoy sumptuous lobster and prime rib lunches at US taxpayers' expense," he writes.

"The Huntsville, Alabama complex is one of the four United States National Arsenals. It's also the headquarters of the United States Central Missile Production Command, where most of the United States missile systems are produced and tested.

"During the last year, there have been reports in the media about two congressional investigations, one by the US Senate Defense Oversight Committee and the other by its companion committee in the House, regarding illegal sales of extremely sophisticated US military technology and weapons systems to embargoed foreign countries.

Sold in phoney auctions, high tech weapons systems are then shipped to the People's Republic of China.

Foreign arms dealers (German, Russian, and Chinese brokers) attend these phoney auctions and get prime missile technology for pennies on the dollar.

"Their US counterparts are mostly retired US Air Force senior officers, who have formed arms companies themselves, or they act as paid agents or distributors for US defense contractors," Martin continues.

Even the notorious Lan Chin, a colonel in the Communist Chinese Ministry of State Security attends -- and buys -- US high tech weapons, even though China is an embargoed country, i.e. it's not allowed by law to buy or receive this technology.

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