Open Letter to President GW Bush

Open Letter to President GW Bush


Dear President Bush,

As the Jewish son of a US veteran who fought in Nazi Germany during WWII I am deeply troubled by your links to the Third Reich, anti-Semitism and eugenics. References to these connections can be found in many books and newspaper articles and on thousands of websites on the internet.

I have personally done two years of research which have convinced me of the validity of these accusations involving three generations of your family. Among the prominent authors that link the Bush family directly to Nazi Germany is former US Justice Department Nazi War Crimes Prosecutor, John Loftus, now the President of the Florida Holocaust Museum.

While I did not vote for you and feel the outcome of the 2000 election has questionable legitimacy, I fully accept that you are now the President of the United States. Therefore, it is very important that you personally address these issues.

Since the election I have observed a concerted public effort on your part to "reach out" to groups such as African Americans and the disabled - the same groups your family targeted for elimination or sterilization in the past. I'd like to believe this represents a dramatic change of heart on your part rather than being a cynical public relations effort intended to make people forget your family history - or worse - a smoke screen for more horrors to come.

You frequently claim to be a man of faith, a born-again Christian. Both the old and new testaments you read from each day place great emphasis on repentance and forgiveness.

In that context it would seem appropriate that you respond to these allegations, either by denying or acknowledging them and if true, publicly apologize to the American people. That, rather than empty rhetoric and political posturing, could go a long way towards accomplishing the "healing" you seek.

For the purpose of clarity I will list and briefly summarize some details of the four main allegations in question and ask that you respond to each. References from books, newspapers and the websites of think tanks and foundations associated with you which support each allegation can be found on the website and in the texts noted at the end of this letter.


Your grandfather Prescott Bush (whose picture now hangs in the oval office) and his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker (who you are named after) were managing directors, stock holders and board members of Brown Brothers Harriman, once the most important private banking house in America. In that capacity they personally directed a constellation of interlocking companies including the Hamburg-Amerika Shipping Line and the Union Banking Corporation. In 1942 a number of their companies were seized by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian under authority of the US Congress' Trading with the Enemy Act, which declared them to be fronts for the Nazis.

These companies functioned as a means of channeling hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and strategic war materials to Nazi Germany and to IG Farben, an oil, chemical and munitions cartel half-owned by John D Rockefellers' Standard Oil. This same IG Farben built and operated Auschwitz and forty other slave labor factory/death camps.

Unfortunately, this shameful corporate history did not end with the WWII era. Many of the corporations such as GM, Alcoa, Monsanto and the various oil companies represented so abundantly by your cabinet appointees were also enthusiastic supporters of Nazi Germany and in a number of instances were directly involved in IG Farbens' slave labor factories, the Holocaust and eugenics. The origin of your family fortune and extensive political and corporate connections can virtually all be directly traced to the Third Reich.


While your public pronouncements have led many Americans to believe you are a principled opponent of abortion and a firm supporter of equal rights for minorities, the mentally ill and the disabled even a little research into your family background paints a very different picture. In close cooperation with the Rockefeller and Harriman families - a relationship that began with financing Hitler - your family has been at the forefront of the American eugenics movement for almost seventy years.

Your father and grandfather were both prominently involved in Planned Parenthood at a time when this was a very controversial organization. Known today as an advocate for a womens' right to choose, when your father and grandfather were involved this organization was at the forefront of a nationwide movement to sterilize minorities, the mentally ill and the disabled. Its' founder Margaret Sanger enthusiastically supported Hitlers' eugenics laws in the 1930's and sought to established them throughout the US. Both your father and grandfather spent many years trying to limit the population of third world nations which they saw as a threat to the dominance of the US. As a Congressman you father was nicknamed "rubbers" by his colleagues because of his obsession with limiting the birthrates of minorities.

Like you and many of your advisors, both your father and grandfather were associated with the Pioneer Fund, a private eugenics foundation in NYC founded by Wycliffe Draper. Draper and other Pioneer Fund members helped Hitler draft both Nazi Germany's racial laws and the US laws requiring mandatory court-ordered sterilization which at one time were on the books in 30 States. These were the very laws Hitlers' eugenics laws - which led to the Holocaust - were inspired by.

William H. Draper III, a relative of the Pioneer Fund's Wycliffe Draper and co-fundraising chairman for the 1980 Bush-for-President national campaign, has also been a leader of the world eugenics movement. His father, William H. Draper, Jr. was director of the German Credit and Investment Corp, a Nazi front company associated with your grandfather, Prescott Bush.

As UN Ambassador your father worked with both William H. Draper III and John D Rockefeller III to expand the activities of the Office of Population Control at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Your father praised the lifelong eugenics efforts of both Rockefeller and Draper in an introduction he wrote to a 1973 book, World Population Crisis: The United States Response. Many researchers now believe the African AIDs epidemic was the result of one of the many covert population control techniques employed by USAID.

While chair of the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population your father brought William Shockley, a noted race scientist, before the US Congress to testify in support of Shockleys' "Bonus Sterilization Plan" which proposed offering a cash incentive to African Americans, drug addicts and the disabled who would voluntarily be sterilized as a means of reducing welfare, social security benefits and crime.


Most Americans know that while Governor of Texas you presided over more executions than any US governor or world leader, including the executions of women, the mentally ill and retarded prisoners. Simultaneously, under your watch Texas has had the worst record of legal assistance to accused prisoners of any State. Your "Guinness record" for executions is consistent with the eugenics-based efforts of both your father and grandfather.

Numerous members of your cabinet and staff have praised or are direct associates of Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve, a classic text of eugenics which attempts to prove that African Americans are genetically inferior and thus have the lowest IQ's of any race. This bogus theory is then used by Murray as the justification for eliminating welfare, affirmative action, social service programs and for building more prisons - all of which are ideas you are closely associated with. Almost every reference in the Bell Curve about African Americans can be directly traced to the Pioneer Fund, a eugenics organization with long-standing ties to your family.

Among your appointees and advisors who share an organizational or personal association to the Bell Curve are Stephen Goldsmith, Tommy Thompson, Elaine Chou, Myron Magnet, Marvin Olasky, Linda Chavez, Karl Rove, Floyd Flake, Spencer Abraham and John Ashcroft. Even your minority advisors have a Bell Curve connection.

Your Health and Human Services Sec. Tommy Thompson, based his welfare reforms while Governor of Wisconsin on Murrays'' books and employed Murray as a consultant. Your chief domestic policy advisor, Stephen Goldsmith, credits Murray with creating the entire welfare reform movement in the US and recently introduced him as a great scholar at a welfare seminar at the Manhattan Institute. Myron Magnet, the man whose book you claim has influenced you second only to the bible, praises Murray in almost every article he writes.

Murrays'' racially-charged ideas are extensively quoted and lavishly praised on the websites of the Heritage Foundation, The Federalist Society and the Manhattan Institute - right wing think tanks closely identified with you and virtually all of your appointees. On some of these websites Murray is mentioned hundreds of times, always as a visionary and brilliant thinker. These foundations significantly contributed in numerous ways to your becoming President and even a number of the US Supreme Court Justices who ruled in your favor are members.

The Bell Curve was written at the Manhattan Institute, the very think tank that you have publicly acknowledged as the source of your policy ideas. Murray continues to give speeches there to this day alongside some of your closest advisors.

Manhattan Institute senior fellows, John J. DiIulio Jr. and Stephen Goldsmith, were just appointed by you to head up a multi-billion dollar "faith based initiative" intended to replace social services. Consistent with many facts addressed in this letter, the Manhattan Institute was founded by former CIA director, William Casey - a close associate of your father - who spent the years following WWII bringing hundreds of former Nazis involved in eugenics to the US.


You have made numerous public statements both as Governor of Texas and US President which imply that Christianity is the official religion of this nation, a viewpoint apparently shared by many of your staff, cabinet members and advisors. As governor you created an official Texas State holiday, Jesus Day. I am unable to find any reference to you creating a corresponding Moses Day, Buddha Day or Mohammed Day despite your state having many citizens of those faiths.

Unlike any other modern-day US President you have not appointed a single Jewish person to your diverse cabinet which uniquely has an Arab-American, a Chinese-American, a Japanese-American, an African-American and a Cuban-American. While campaigning for President you publicly stated your belief that only those who accept Christ can enter heaven, which implies that followers of other religions - specifically Judaism - are condemned to hell. This same statement has been used for centuries to justify anti-Semitism, forced conversions and genocide. At issue is not your beliefs but that you chose to highlight this while running for the nation's highest office, despite knowing it's historical use as a means of fomenting anti-Semitism.

During your father's 1988 Presidential campaign it was discovered by a Jewish newspaper that at least ten former Nazis, a number of them SS officials directly involved in carrying out the Holocaust, were working in high-level capacities within his campaign. Public pressure forced them to resign but later many resumed working with your father.

Your father is also known to be a close friend, long-time ally and business partner of the Saudi royal family, as is your Vice President, Dick Cheney. During WWII this corrupt, virulently anti-Semitic dynasty - which was set up as rulers in the 1920's by your father's Wall Street oil business partners - were among Hitler's most enthusiastic supporters.

Your so-called faith-based initiative "guru", Marvin Olasky, converted from Judaism to Christianity and actively seeks to convert other Jews as well. Unlike some participants in your faith-based initiative, Mr. Olasky is honest enough to admit that proselytizing will take place while social services are performed at taxpayer expense.

In light of these facts and your families decade long efforts to finance Nazi Germany it seems only fair to ask, are you an anti-Semite?

Mr. President, I understand that you have many important tasks to accomplish. Nevertheless, it seems essential that you respond to these questions in detail without further delay. If as you have repeatedly said, you are a, "uniter not a divider", then nothing could do more to resolve the lingering doubts millions of Americans have about you, your agenda, your cabinet appointees and your presidency than straightforward answers to these questions.

The American people would surely be comforted to find that all of these charges are untrue and that you are in fact the humble family man and born-again Christian your aides and the corporate media are so intent on portraying to us.

Articles containing detailed references and links to sources of information related to the above questions can be found at


by Russ Bellant; Philadelphia Inquirer article by David Lee Preston,

"Fired Bush Backer One of Several with Possible Nazi Links," 9/10/88;
Author links Bush family to Nazis Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000

Mr. President I look forward to your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Lederman,
President of A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)
(718) 743-3722


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