Update on Fritz Springmeier

On behalf of my good friend Fritz Springmeier, I felt compelled to stand up for him and his wife who were recently arrested and then vilified by the media.

Fritz has long been one who loves God, loves this country and his fellow man; and has tried to peacefully bring about social changes for the better through education. Unfortunately, the information he puts out is very detrimental to that nasty little group known as the Illuminati because his books expose them, their tactics, clandestine plans and the organizations they run. Some of those Illuminati-controlled departments like the ATF and FBI which took part in the Springmeiers' arrest are exposed, coincidentally, by Fritz in his books. One can't help but reminisce on their past successes at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City Federal Building and several others that deserve honorable mention.

I recall a man named John Todd who defected from the Illuminati years ago and did all he could to expose them. Like crafty chess-players, the satanic network planned out their moves until they framed him and had him railroaded into prison on false rape charges. Fritz was in contact with Todd and wrote about him and his frame up in his book The Top Thirteen Illuminati Bloodlines in an effort to show the American people what lengths the 'Network' will go to in order to demonize you and shut you up.

Fritz and his coauthor Cisco Wheeler came to my humble home town of Battle Mountain a couple years age to visit me. While they were here I asked them if they would put on a seminar for my community and they gladly were willing. After about three hours of presenting overwhelming research on the puppet-masters a man got up and asked Fritz "How come you are still alive?" He answered "You can be sure, I'm going to get my comeuppance." It appears he is being paid back for his efforts. I pray it goes no further.

The media is doing its part in cooperation with the enforcement agencies to paint the Springmeiers as racist white-supremacists. They claim he has written books supporting the white-separatist movement, yet they gave no titles of books or pamphlets for examples, although they should have enough of his material in possession. I volunteer my services to Clackamas County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Angela Blanchard and all other agents and officers involved in this 'sting' . I will read them his books and they can raise their hands when they believe they hear me recite examples of Fritz endorsing racism, white supremacy, anti-semitism, christian-identity, etc. I have talked with Fritz on a few occasions about racism. One time in particular we were discussing Pastor James P. Wickstrom and the Christian Identity Movement. We were both in agreement on the issue and he summed it up by saying "When will they realize that it's grace not race (whereby we may enter into the kingdom of Heaven)."

In other efforts to discredit the man, a nameless person (possibly under mind control) has been making allegations that while they stayed at Cisco Wheeler's residence they witnessed Fritz feeding Cisco drugs and keeping her under his control so as to sexually abuse her himself and they complained of an unpleasant and abusive home atmosphere. I have stayed there at Cisco's residence in Oregon City a few times myself and found it to be just the opposite. I consider Cisco a good friend and I love her to pieces. My heart goes out to her and all other victims of mind control because of the unbelievable trauma that they have endured. The last thing I would do is cover up someone abusing her or any other victims, regardless of who they were. I find it ridiculous that Fritz would do such things when it goes against everything he stands for, not to mention being able to accomplish this in front of Cisco's husband and son who lived there and her daughter who visits regularly, not to mention people like myself who would come to stay and visit on a frequent basis.

Anyone who knows much about the Illuminati mind control knows that someone trying to escape it must have a support team of trustworthy people around them to keep their programmers from accessing them and undoing all the progress that the victim and their therapist have made. Fritz was largely left alone in this task. He and Cisco both have told me of many times when her former handlers have tried almost everything to access her. From phone calls to strangers showing up at her door as business men or what have you. And there is no doubt they were/are under surveillance.

One day I was sitting in her living room visiting with her husband and I noticed a white van parked at the house directly across the street. It was the kind without any windows on the sides. I noticed that it sat there for quite a while without anyone getting in or out. I walked out like I was going to get something out of my car but continued walking closer to the van for a better look. A man immediately got out of the middle door on the opposite side and headed for the front door of the house. Startled, I turned around and headed back into Cisco's house and when I looked back, he had turned around as well and got back into the van. Knowing that he had been spotted, he drove off quickly afterward. These are just a few of the facts.

If you will not stand up for others when they are right, do not be disappointed when nobody helps you when you stand up for the truth. If you are unsure, dig in and find the truth.

"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." Proverbs 18:13

James Whisler

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