Operation Project Metropolis

These pictures are NOT from Canada, Yugloslavia or Iraq
...where you might expect such scenes.
These are in the U.S.of A.

A Normal Neighborhood Scene?

Owners of this home might have UNAPPROVED LITERATURE!

Your home - Breakfast of Champions?

The patch on the left is interesting.. The marines - just pawns in the game?


To fully understand the pictoral presentation above-- the first two articles below are a must read!

  • The New Warrior Class or the U.S. Army's Undeclared War on Patriots Worldwide
  • Millennium Dragon & X-Files

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  • We are not out to discredit the the U.S. Marine working soldiers. The Marines (in this case) need to ask the serious question -- WHY? Think, this kind of destructive force and power is in the hands of a person, who has trouble with the simplest of verbs, thought patterns, coherent statements, i.e. The Shrub, Jr. The commander in chief was AWOL from the Texas National Guard (in many reports) during the Vietnam War. Drunk as a skunk? Daddy's power and money, kept him from the Vietnam swamps and bullets.

    Do you take up weapons on the orders of a government who has no better offerings for its' Commander in Chiefs than derelicts or uneducated bufoons? We hope the human marines will recognize the real enemy, who will not be the people at large but could very well be the ones giving them the orders to fire. A military, being prepared for battle is not what we object to. We fear the covert and overt powers are turning the military into international police forces, with weapons of war, under the auspices of a NON-elected quasi-governments, i.e. UN, NATO, Banksters, against virtually defenseless masses who could do little but die in the face of such weapons and power. Regardless of any presumed justification, the military is not a police force.

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