David, I just finished reading your book "The Biggest Secret".

Anyways, oddly enough, a day or so after I was renting a movie and asked for anything new, the lady pointed me to a movie called "Judgment" starring Corben Bernsen. The movie was released 03/06/01

I can't even begin to tell you what I thought of this movie. It is worth a watch, and you will see clearly what I mean. The story involves the one world order with a legal battle versus god. The propaganda is huge throughout --- as well as symbology and I'm sure you will point out much more than I can.

Obvious things I noticed. The one on trial was blonde hair blue eyes. Part of the trial involved the fact that the crucifixion did not take place. Many other things again as I have said you will be more aware of. I'm sure your quite busy, but please if you can email me back with what you think of this movie and its propaganda.


A curious reader and starting to learn.


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