Heads Up! The Missile That Failed

The United States Air Force never wanted this worthless missile costing $1.4 million dollars each called the AGM-142. General Richard Hawley, who commanded all U.S. fighters and bombers, said the Air Force took a close look at this missile but decided existing bombs could destroy targets at a fraction of cost. General Hawley retired from the Air Force last June.

Despite objections, Congress has defied the Air Force and bought 240 missiles costing more than a quarter billion dollars. These supposed 'pinpoint accurate' missiles were tried in Serbia, but failed to hit any targets, not one hit! Existing American made laser-guided bombs, costing $14,000 each, approximately 1% of the cost of AGM 142, did hit and destroy targets. Why did Congress buy these faulty missiles? C.B.S.'s "60 minutes" gave the answer on January 11.



Former Texas Congressman Charles Wilson had a seat on the House Committee that controlled the Pentagon budget. He made no bones about being one of Israel's best friends in Congress. Retired Congressman Wilson is now working for a big-time Washington lobbying firm which makes the AGM-142.

Why have you not heard about this boondoggle in your local paper, and why did the excellently documented 60- minute production receive no follow through? Collusion between Congress, Israel and the news media may be the reason. If this faulty, costly weapon had been bought from China, or any country but Israel, it would have been front-page news from Maine to California.

There is more. Amazingly, Congress had already acquired a large inventory of the AGM-142 even before the Desert Storm slaughter was staged in 1991. Furthermore, unnamed sources pressured the military to use it against Iraq. General Hawley and others told CBS that Pentagon sources shipped the Israeli missiles to the American Airforces in Saudi Arabia, over the objection of the military. The Commanding General shipped the ordinance back to the US before the international press got wind of the effort of our government to bomb Iraq with Israeli made missiles, the ultimate war provocation.

The AGM-142 travesty is only one in an endless chain of abuses of the American taxpayer, all to Israel's benefit. Twenty seven years ago Former United States Senator J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, tried to expose this. He stated repeatedly "Israel controls the (U.S.) Senate." Fulbright later admitted he was driven from office by the very lobby he tried to expose...a testimony to the power of the Israeli lobby.

Israeli influence extends to the Executive Branch, especially to the Presidents. On May 18, 1998, Vice President Al Gore told the 39th Annual Policy Conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), "Our commitment to the security of Israel is unconditional." Gore made this stunning statement at the very hour when President William Jefferson Clinton faced an impeachment indictment. The Vice President pledged his allegiance, not to "one nation under God,".. but to "One Nation Under Israel."

This writer is not warmongering for more deadly weapons. The wanton, fish-in-a-barrel-shoot still going on in Iraq is deplorable. The same is true of the needless bombing of Yugoslavia, where innocent persons were killed and maimed without logic comprehensible to the American taxpayer. In this respect, the never-hit-anything, Israeli missile may have its only virtue. As best anyone knows, no American has killed anyone with this ugly piece of explosive junk! Perhaps this missile that does not work should be the standard issue weapon to our shoot-happy Warmakers. However, your author thinks there is a better way to control the Warmakers who dominate our government.

It is time to sign petitions demanding the resignation of members of Congress who were involved in this missile rip off, for such activity can easily be looked upon as outright TREASON.....Carl Greeley (gree7204@webtv.net)

The evidence sited in Mr. Greeley's article can be purchased from CBS, 60-Minutes, January 11, call CBS for The Missile That Failed. For unimpeachable detail on who controls our Congress, read ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL. reviewed on our Website ( http://www.whtt.org/onui.htm ).

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