Good news from the Springmeiers:
Charges dropped after fascist raid.

We are all frail. We all try to coexist with a world system that seems out of control. On 1 March 2001, my wife and I experienced a military assault on our house by agents of the FBI, ATF and Swat teams.

There may well have been 100 agents involved in the raid. Once they finished crashing through the house, they interrogated us, and then thrashed the place, along with seizing such things as my money (of course) as well as the book projects I was working on. (Very odd, since my Bloodlines book has nothing to do with what their search warrant was about. The only controlled substance it contained was truth. I hope they study it, and get a free education.) Both of us were then taken to jail, booked, and released.

Can we survive being in the belly of the monster? In 1891, a whaler James Bartley was found barely alive after being swallowed by a whale. Several people in the last century have survived being swallowed by whales, in a fashion that reminds us of Jonah. All of us who love freedom are experiencing being swallowed by the Beast system. The darkness of the experience can be unnerving, but we must not lose hope.

Recently, both my wife and I had our arraignments, where we found to our relief that no charges were brought against us. They dismissed our charges. The entire experience is like being vomited out of a stinking monster, it's a relief to be free, but its takes time to shake off the darkness. I'm used to such experiences, but Patty found the monster very unnerving. One powerful thing that each of us can obtain is a good conscience. They can't take our soul if we don't let them. They can't steal our spirit of liberty from us either. We will always want to be free persons, and never willingly be slaves.

There has always been a small army of agents working for the monster who have spread lies to destroy me. Such things come with the territory I work in. Beginning the day we were arrested, the slime began spewing their typical lies. For instance, Illuminati mind-controlled puppet Kurt Billings emailed people his typical lies from the pit of hell, telling people falsehoods about us such as they seized automatic weapons and 50 marijuana plants at our place. For the record, 1. they did not find any illegal weapons, 2. they did not

find an AK-47, and 3. they did not find any marijuana plants. It's interesting to see how a person can start a false rumor, and when the rumor spreads sufficiently so that people hear it from 3 sources, the false rumor is elevated to scriptural truth 'in the mouth of 3 witnesses ' blah blah blah. While it is fine and dandy that our charges were dismissed, and our house is basically straightened up, and the door is fixed, life is not where it was before March 1st. The Beast seized lots of paperwork including hundreds of address of my contacts. They seized my press card. They seized books such as one exposing the ADL, in an obvious attempt to brand us as Archie Bunker neo-nazis who sit around reading hate literature. (By the way, Kurt Billings has worked with Morris Dees, who loves to mislabel people opposed to tyranny as white racists.)

[I would not trust Kurt Billings to tell me the time.
See related article on this site - David Icke]

The news media continues to trickle slanderous lies out to public about us. We have started legal action to try to make the establishment media more responsible. The Feds have been interviewing people (some who they have already arrested) to find witnesses who will throw dirt at us. Because they can claim that they have an ongoing investigation into us and don't know what they plan to charge us with, they can keep our property they seized indefinitely.

Why can they do this? Some of you who have heard me speak on the Constitution know that the Constitution was destroyed during the Lincoln administration. The destruction was not completed at that time, and things were not clarified. FDR clarified things. During the first few days of the Roosevelt administration, the War Powers act of W.W. I, was extended to include not

just the German enemy, but was applied to everyone who comes into the range of power of the U.S. government. In other words, the same treatment our government could give the enemy it gave itself over the people of this country. We have been under martial law most of the 20th century. For anyone who wants the documentation on this, contact Realityexpander (http://www.realityexpander.com/suppressedvideos.html) and ask about Eugene Schneider's talk, which is an excellent videotape which covers the documentation that shows that we have been subjected to martial law since 1933. Our schools are misrepresenting the Constitution, as if it is a document which is still in force. It is time we quite deceiving ourselves, and get to know ourselves. We are not a free people. We may have a better life than many other countries if we submit to the system, but all pretensions aside, liberty is more a symbol than a reality in America.

Because my mother's and father's families were farmers, I have had a front row seat to watch how the system has systematically destroyed the family farmer and stolen his lands, his dignity, and his life. The American farmer is not a stranger to tyranny.

Armies of monsters cannot kill the idea of liberty. Christians need to reexamine their Bibles, for it seems many have forgotten that the Almighty would rather have us be free men. We may have to endure being jailed as evil doers, the truth can not be bound. 'Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ….Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the Word of God is not bound.' (2 TIM 2:9,3) We are to continue teaching truth, 'that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.' (2 TIM 2:26). The meaning of these verses is clear in their context' we who know the truth may be bound in handcuffs, but the real captives of Satan are those who do not know the truth.

For those who asked: Ambassador House, 8005 Cattle Dr., Austin, TX 78749 is the publisher of my "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" book. It is temp. out of print, (NOTE; Keep an eye in Bridge of Love BookEnds - We will stock it as soon as its reprinted) and we could use some help getting it reprinted. My Vol. 2 Formula book ($69), my Deeper Insights book ($79), and my "Ezekiel 6:3" ($12) book are available from me. Checks and M.O.s are great.

Patty and I want to thank all the people who mailed us supportive letters, emailed us supportive letters, and those who were able to send help. It's nice to know we are not all alone in facing the monster. The Beast is still there, and we pray that God protects us and all of you. May the good Lord bless you.

Fritz Springmeier
2870 N.E. Hogan Rd., #E135
Gresham, OR 97030

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