All is Manipulation

Dear David

Two things, I watched Gulliver's travels recently by Swift and performed by Gallowglass theatre company, and it was the tale of a man who criticised the first two communities he happened to get stranded with, the lilliputians being the first and sort of Giant's being the second, he interacted at what I see as a superficial level with both and then stranded for the third time he came across a group of beings like horses who were supremely rational, always addressing issues that came up there were no lies, no other talk, every problem every need was sorted out, he was astounded at these beings but here he was not welcome and was asked to leave, he so wanted to stay and be like them but was judged to be affecting the community so was told to leave.

He returned to his own family and went mad as all he could hear in the people around him were faults having been amongst this enlightened community, always wishing that he could be with them in a community like them but knowing that he couldn't, his critical judgement of the societies he was present in in the early adventures turned upon himself in the last adventure. I was reflecting on the play, thinking how thoughts are never given away and if you teach someone that they are say guilty that you to are teaching that you are also guilty, 'judge not lest ye be judgeth' and I felt this linked up with a song by REM, 'Man on the moon' where Micheal Stipe sings, " if you believe there is nothing up their (then, 'his' - referring to God I think) sleeve then nothing is cool".

I was thinking how close I was to seeing both sides of this after reading your book on manipulation, clearly I could think (but I have chosen not to) that all is manipulation that they are doing things for terrible motives, we are controlled, their is nothing up their/his sleeve, or I could choose to be pro-active and do something about what I believe in and make a stance believing that my voice will be heard and that things will be done.

So I emailed President Bush over the CO2 thing pointing out that it according to the latest research by British Scientist's (who I believe to be independant men and women genuinely researching) that the reduced escape of energy from the planet is due to 'the gases' CO2 being one of them. I got an automated response but was assured that someone would read it and that comments and ideas were passed on to the president. The email address for the president is

Edward Morgan

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