The Cincinnati Riots
A Chance to Look Into Reality

Rioting is in full swing in Cincinnati, Ohio, (Ohio is a federal territory of the US).

The rioting was "sparked by the shooting death Saturday of Timothy Thomas, 19, by a Cincinnati police officer who had chased him to 12th and Republic streets in Over-the-Rhine. Mr. Thomas was wanted on 14 warrants, most of them traffic violations."

Need we be reminded that 'traffic violations' are NOT CRIMES! They are always recorded as CIVIL STATUTES. If no one was harmed there was no crime committed. These are CIVIL violations of CODE -- not law. This system of perversion of justice is the real legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Codes are regulations by military orders. The man (black man) shot by the Nazi in uniform, was guilty of being black, perhaps poor -- nothing else. We are still under military martial law and have been since 1861. This incident only proves this.

You can bet your sweet arse that the Nazi jack booted thug (excuse me - police officer - not to be mistaken for a peace officer), did NOT have any arrest warrants in hand. He had to use illegal, already overturned by the courts, 'capias warrants.' In other words the Nazi cop did not have any evidence in hand that there were any criminal warrants for this man, no evidence that the man he shot down in cold blood, had ever committed a crime. This poor soul was only a numerical statistic to a Nazi cop.

But of course the underlying cause is white nazi cop vs. poor black citizen.. The man was black so he must be guilty. (cop mentality) -- Nazi fascism in its purest form. The man lost his life because the STATE wanted money from him, more than he probably even had. His alternative was - NO MONEY? GO TO JAIL! (There are indeed FEDERAL and STATE DEBTORS' prisons in the U.S.)

Being white in Texas I have worked alongside many black brethren during my less than illustrious careers. I have never found or heard of any white person that actually 'hates' black people nor any black person that really 'hates' white people. Sometimes, what they do hate, they cannot even identify -- which is the Masonic federal system and Christian culture which pits one against the other. There is no doubt that the white person is basically indoctrinated that they are superior to black people. There is no doubt that the black person is indoctrinated to 'not to feel inferior'. It all boils down to manipulation of how we think, by forces in the shadows, since neither is superior or inferior to the other. (Read The Biggest Secret!)

The question arises WHO is behind this indoctrination? Martin Luther King was a victim to this indoctrination, but used it for the good of mankind. Who ever killed Dr. King was also a victim to this indoctrination, but used it to harm mankind. This very perverted view of other peoples comes from the very sources that teaches to love all mankind -- the Christian churches. The environment that allows this sin to breed is manufactured artificially by fraudulent laws (i.e. legislation, codes, etc.) by the U.S. Masonic Government itself and each of its 50 controlled puppets.

Hear how the church and state punished black children for drawing Jesus as a black man on Credo Mutwa's Reptilian Agenda! Lying preachers teach that the black race is the line of the 'born in sin' and the murdering Cain, when there is not one shred of documented evidence of this religious doctrine. Cain means serpent - not black people. It is more than probable the whole human race was black in the beginning. You can hear how the STATE (i.e. FBI) set up the Black Panthers with disinformation techniques in Ted Gunderson's surprising admission of this fact, and it's common knowledge how the FBI hounded Dr. King day and night.

I have not been in many places MORE PREJUDICIAL than a church... Many tolerate their token black representation, as the synagogs tolerate a token Sabbath goy.

A few years ago, a district attorney in Chicago, wrote one of the most scathing reports of the judicial system. He wanted to be a lawyer at a young age. His dream was to bring justice and being an attorney he thought was the path to that goal. After 14 years of being a district attorney, he awakened from his slumber - and wrote an article entitled, My Job Is To Process Young Black Men Into Prison - guilty or not. He realized that justice was not being meted out in fairness or equality. He presented the staggering numbers of how many black men were sent to jail and prison compared to white men. When you have a racial mix of 80% white population and 20% black population -- how is it possible that 90% of the men in jail are black?

The odds of this happening by even Darwin's theories would be astronomical. This imprisonment of the black population is by design, not by the natural order of things. The judges, the attorneys, the police forces are being manipulated into bringing this unjust, and unfair imprisonment about. They are manipulated by law, rule, code, regulation, precedent into jailing some of the most independent, freethinking minds in America.

But because a person, a black person, doesn't walk like we walk, or talk like we talk, or think like we think, and they refuse to change their soul into a white Mason for our benefit --- then this scares the holy manure out of the white Masonic power structure in the US -- and their solution? Put em in jail!

A few years ago, I pissed off a judge, a lawyer, and the legal system in Texas. I mean I really pissed em off! It seems they do not like people entering their courts that actually read the laws. They were flustered and had me arrested -- on the spot - in the courthouse -- and having nothing to charge me with -- they falsified the record and charged me with 'fleeing jurisdiction'. How can you be fleeing jurisdiction while standing in their building?

I got to spend seven days in the County Hotel. They were going to 'teach me a lesson!' These Nazi's interred me into a cell with 18 black men. I guess that was to scare me into submission. However I bunked with a man, yes one of the black prisoners, that was probably the only Jewish black man the county had ever come across. We talked for hours on end about the Torah and its concepts and teachings. Then a catholic priest came by and asked if I wanted any religious holy book, that the county was obligated to furnish one of choice to every prisoner. Well, yes I want a damn holy book! I want a Tanach in Hebrew with the English translation parallel. These usually run several hundred dollars. I didn't stay long enough to get my holy book, but I'm sure my black Jewish friend enjoyed it, while laughing his arse off at the system. This man was a trucker, who was arrested and jailed because some illiterate, incompetent Nazi cop wrote a digit down wrong, and then an illegal capias warrant was registered against an innocent man. But he was black, he had to be guilty, and straight to jail he went. Two weeks later I found out the city that made the mistake finally showed up to correct the error. By this time the man lost his job.

Do you think this man feels good about the white Masonic system? I doubt it. No he didn't hate white people -- he didn't hate me. He probably does hate a Masonic installed system designed to jail black people for any reason at all.

Why is it, how is it possible, in this day and age, with the Emancipation Proclamation (on seceding southern states only), the 13th and 14th amendments, the Civil Rights laws, etc. that we are still seeing this prejudicial treatment of black people in the courts, on the streets, in America? With all of these words to 'hang your hat on' so to speak -- why would a black person be shot in the streets by a cop or the unnatural percentage of imprisoning black men?

It's because you can't hang your hat on a fraud. And in law, once a fraud always a fraud, and anything stemming from the fraud is also a fraud. Frederick Douglass, the black abolitionist, of the 1800's figured out what the government really did to the black race in the United States. What he learned then is only now being re-discovered by researchers all across the land, by black and white alike.

First and foremost -- look up the etymology of the word 'emancipation'. You'll discover it does not mean 'set free' but really means 'sold to the state.' Citizen means 'slave of the state.' These etymologies go back to ancient Latin, and recall that most legal terms are in Latin. Lincoln only emancipated slaves in seceded states of the south -- and ONLY after the war was already a fact. The war was not about freeing black slaves. This was a military ploy by Lincoln to bring divisiveness among the population of the south. Lincoln in his own words could have cared less about slavery one way or the other. Read how Frederick Douglass had to enter by the 'back door' (servants entrance) of the White House under Lincoln!

Look at the Civil Rights legislation. It's in the US Code. Not law, but military code! Next consider the 13th amendment - never fully ratified and a fraud on its face since there were already two other 13th amendments -- one was presumedly lawful and binding - the other was illegal by executive order. Then the 14th amendment was ratified by military intervention and at gunpoint legislatures of the states were forced to ratify the amendment (read the history of the 14th amendment in Louisiana). Ask yourself, why these amendments? Why not rewrite those portions of the constitution which deny blacks, even to this day, fair and equal treatment under law? The Federal government did not want to take the chance of opening up a constitutional convention, which more than likely would have erased once and for all the federal power it had obtained by illegal and immoral actions.

But all the above was based on a Masonic fraud called the Grandest Lodge Meeting (Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia) of all time, the Masonic Constitution of the United States and the Masonic Constitutional Convention.

Officer points gun at Leroy Pearson on Green Street after he wouldn't go back into his house. Pearson was shot.
Click Image for Large View

In the picture you see the white Nazi, towing the Masonic line, holding a man at gunpoint who obviously is not brandishing a weapon to threaten the officer with. His crime? Leaving his home! Will the cops start stealing gold teeth next?

As a black person in the United States - do you see why you cannot 'feel' free under a system designed to keep you in line, if you can't follow the 'Masonic' system line? As whites can you see how this series of frauds leaves the black people insecure in their government endowed freedoms? Lincoln, by not FREEing the slaves, sold the slaves to the federal government, and by war, he enslaved all the white people too. As whites, we generally are too stupid to recognize it. He sold the interests in the chattel (blacks and whites) to the European Bankers, including the Rothschilds (See History of Money Crimes) at 1/2 their face value to get the money to wage a war he had no authority to wage. Later Lincoln saw the reality of what happened and what his own ignorance had wrought. He then tried to correct this corporate chattel mortgage against the lives of the Americans, but the bankers, in collusion with the Masons and the Catholic church - stopped Lincoln cold, as they also did Kennedy.

The Nazi fascism in Cincinnati, Ohio and the rest of the U.S. by the 'police forces' has to STOP! The people of this land are getting very tired of the being fined, penalized, and jailed for civil problems, where no one has been harmed. We do not need Gestapo thug type mentalities policing the people. We need peace officers.

Immoral arrests of NON-Crimes has to come to an end. It just happens to be the black people in Cincinnati, at this time, that are willing to fight off the wave of fascism in the police forces, jails, and courts. Perhaps they are not using the best prescribed method, but by who's prescription? A Masonic law? And perhaps they are using the only method they know to get the attention of the world.

Do I endorse the methods of rioting or damaging property? Of course not. But it has been 140 years since the Emancipation Proclamation and nearly 40 years since the Civil Rights legislation and it seems not much has improved for the black people in this white Masonic Elitist government.

There is the saying that the squeaky wheel get the grease. This time are we going to oil the same old broken wheel? or will we actually change the worn out bearings so we can move forward in the race called humanity? We are all ONE - We are all meant to be FREE!

quote and picture from:
The Cincinnati Enquirer

L. Savage

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