The latest attack on Fritz Springmeier is interesting to study because it shows how the police working with their controlled media lackeys can create a propaganda story against someone out of thin air.

The headline reads 'FBI probes alleged threat to officer'. The words 'FBI probes' and 'threat' sound very ominous, like something serious is in the works. The subheadline in a smaller font is more accurate; it states, 'Man tied to extremists reportedly sent letter in ’97 seeking information on cop.'

The man they are referring to in the headline is Fritz Springmeier. The letter they refer to is a simple letter of inquiry written four years ago asking a private detective if he could provide the address of a policeman who has been in the news frequently for shooting people. Because the system (police and media) have been trying to cast Springmeier’s image as a terrorist in their own minds and the public mind, everything Springmeier does must of course be related in their thinking to terrorism.

A simple letter of inquiry about an address must be seen (reframed using their tunnel vision) as a threat.

Again, just a few additional comments on the subtitle: the links between Springmeier and 'extremists' are of the police’s own making. What links exist? They never say. And who determines who is extreme? Some people would say that the things the United States government is doing are extreme. Some people would say the way the government puts the rights of fleas, flies, mice and frogs before American property rights are extreme.

Some would say the way the police act are extreme. Who are the extremists? What has Springmeier done that is extreme? He wrote a letter asking for an address! The reporter who wrote the story and the police who worked with him probably have inquired countless times for the addresses of other people. Does that by equal logic mean they are trying to threaten all those people, and should be investigated by the FBI, and that the public made afraid of them by warnings in the press?

Now we have just explained the headline. Let’s look at the text of this propaganda attack against Springmeier.

First paragraph reads, 'The Portland Police Bureau is investigating a potential threat against one of its officers by a writer with links to the extremist group of Army of God.' Who invented these links? The police and the media. There is no proof of any links because Springmeier wasn’t a member of the Army of God. And what is a 'potential threat'? It’s more Big Brother doublespeak. The letter was not a real threat, so it becomes a 'potential threat'.

Further we read, ' ‘No weapons or Army of God literature were found at Springmeier’s home, but the two men knew each other, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Angela Blancard said.’ ' Here we have a classic case of guilt by association. Because Springmeier knew someone who the police allege was a suspected member of the Army of God, then obviously Springmeier, who they view with tunnel vision as a terrorist must also be tainted. It’s guilt by association. And the original person’s 'guilt' hasn’t even be proved, just alleged.

Further in the article’s sixth paragraph we read, 'On Nov. 3, 1997, Springmeier wrote to local free-lance journalist John Stevens asking for the home address of Portland police officer Scott Westerman. Stevens was alarmed by the letter and had an associate tell a relative on the police bureau about it. Westerman did not learn about the letter until just a few weeks ago, however.'

John Stevens is really an undercover Fed agent who posed as a detective who would help Fritz Springmeier locate anyone. Springmeier sent Stevens $100 to get an address, which Stevens generously stole and gave nothing in return to Springmeier. If Springmeier did anything wrong it was in trusting a lying thieving Federal agent. If the letter had been more than a genuine inquiry, Stevens would have notified Westerman. To get around the obvious logic in this, the news article must resort to some propaganda tricks.

First, they quote Westerman, 'That’s a pretty substantial threat, I wish I had been told about it at the time.' Then they quote Westerman as indicating 'He doesn’t blame Stevens for the lack of notice. ‘He did the right thing’ Westerman said.'

What was the threat? They never say. That is why Westerman was not warned, there never was a threat. But if we suppose there was really a threat like they are pretending, then their undercover Federal agent goofed. So they conveniently get Stevens off the hook by Westerman saying, 'He did the right thing.'

The article also mentions the Army of God and how they use explosives.

This is more guilt by association and propaganda scare tactics. No real links have been discovered. They go on to describe how Westerman shot a women who claimed she had 'lots of hard evidence of judicial corruption in Multnomah County.' They also describe Springmeier as 'Springmeier is a fundamentalist Christian who has written several books charging that satanic forces are conspiring with corrupt government officials to take over the world. During a radio interview, he described his job as ‘exposing the New World Order agenda.’ '

What the media and police hope is that they have sufficiently tainted Springmeier as a dangerous terrorist so that they public will discount who he is and what he has done. However, the public is not so stupid. Anyone who reads this news article and thinks things through will see that nothing real has been found against Springmeier, but that the police have shot a woman who had evidence of judicial corruption, and that the police and media have a strong enough grudge against Springmeier that they would smear him with false innuendos and distortions.

If the writer of the article thinks that people will think Springmeier a madman because he is 'exposing the New World Order', he is out of touch with the public’s awareness. The public is not so stupid. They have heard their own American presidents repeatedly desire to lead us into this New World Order and they are seeing the evidence of this fascist socialist globalism all around them.

On April 16, 2001 KPDX Fox news broadcast a retraction that Fritz and Patricia Springmeier were members of the Army of God on the 10:00 p.m. news program. The retraction was as follows:

'On March 2, 2001, we reported that Fritz and Patricia Springmeier were members of a group known as the Army of God. This statement was not factually supported and we regret this error.'

This is a step in the right direction. How many other lies need to be retracted? Unfortunately, the media is spreading lies about the Springmeiers much faster than they are retracting them. This is the only retraction by any media agent so far.

Also interesting is that the police report of what they seized at the Springmeier’s home lists 'misc. books', 'misc. papers', and 'misc. mags'. The county sheriff’s web site then reports that what they seized was 'anti-government literature.' This in turn is then reported by the media as 'hate literature'. Using the media’s type of thinking the Declaration of Independence is hate literature. It is a good thing the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not alive today. They most certainly would be arrested for a hate crime for even thinking of a limited law abiding government. The treatment the Springmeiers are receiving for having Patriotic material in the privacy of their own homes shows that the American people are no longer free to read, learn, and think for themselves in the privacy of their own homes. If Americans want to study on how to keep their government legal and honest, they now risk SWAT teams and the television networks intruding into their lives and branding them as terrorists with hate literature.

The Springmeiers are not out of danger. The Feds are dogging them to try to find something to charge them with. They are also getting harassment, and there are other insidious things that the system is doing that cannot be reported on at this time.

Fritz Springmeier
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Update and Disclaimer:


Thank you for your quick response.

The title of the story in question is, "Latest attack on Fritz Springmeier". The section of the story that is patently false is : "John Stevens is really an undercover Fed Agent who posed as a detective..."

I have never been a Federal Agent. However, I worked for over twenty years as a private investigator before transitioning to investigative journalism.

Do you know who wrote and submitted this story. I was never contacted and interviewed.

I would appreciate a correction on your website.

I have the Back Story about Fritz Springmeier and this may have prompted the defamatory statements contained in the aforementioned story.


Fritz Springmeier is the author of these two self-published books:
Perhaps they don't want him revealing this material?

The Illuminati Formula used to create an
Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Deeper Insights into The Illuminati Formula
Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

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