June 4, 2001

Dear David:

This story may not make a lot of sense unless you know something about the oil business or what is coming for the oil business. People have said to me, "oil, well isn't that really bad stuff". I'd like to know how they would drive their cars without it.

My husband was a crude oil producer all his life. He was a Petroleum Engineer and had taught Pet. Eng. at LSU (Louisiana State University).

He was known in the industry as the best Petroleum Engineer and would get calls from all around the country.

There are 780 independent crude oil producers in Louisiana now, there were 1700 prior to 1985. There are 2300 independent oil producers in Texas now, there were 6000 before 1985.

Oil companies are regulated by each state and not the federal government.

My husband owned 22 oil wells and was drilling #23 in 1995, when in April 1995, suddenly 300 men, heavily armed with military type arms, stormed onto our place and fanned out over all our property. We had our house next to our oil wells as 90% of the independent oil producers in the United States have.

We had no warning - no papers were served - nothing. There was no legal reason for them to be there.

The men came with heavy equipment and began cutting into our oil wells. They cut into our holding tanks and spilled out 190 barrels of crude oil waiting to be sold.

We called the local sheriff who came to our place but was turned back by only a few words from one of the men carrying a gun.

We were held in our office and were told if we interfered that we would be shot, while outside our oil wells were being torn apart and cement poured down the production holes.

The destroying went on for weeks and all we could do was take a few pictures. I called several news stations trying to get them to do a story on what was happening but the reaction I got was bizarre. Just as one reporter would get interested in our story, there would come that phone call and then the reporter would say "my boss has said that if I do your story I will loose my job". I got that over and over again.

My husband filed several lawsuits (all the law was in our favor) and because there was no legal reason for what was done we would have won the lawsuits, but they murdered my husband.

I tried to carry on the lawsuits but I began to be followed and several times I was shot at. I've had to hide.

I want to tell people what was done to us and why. I don't, at this point, understand the world implications but I see what's coming. Whoever has oil will control the world unless some other form of fuel is found.

The up's and down's of oil prices is designed to break the independent oil producers and oil prices have nothing to do with gas prices.

In 1988 the U.S. Congress added to an already existing law called the "Resources Conservation and Recovery Act", and in that addition to the law, they exempted 4 things which are Crude oil, produced saltwater, gas, and hydrocarbon bearing soils. These 4 things are exempt from the reaches of any agency entitled to enforce the law, both civil and environmental, and the same law was extended to include that oil wells and their owners are both protected from vandalism by federal law.

Where was our protection? We were not even protected from the lesser crime of trespassing.

Hope I can hear from you soon.

Floy Hochenedel

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