A Political Dilemma?

on Monday, July 10, 2000 at 21:39:50

Name: Tony C.

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Subject: Your Political Agenda

Dear David,

I notice that you do a lot of bashing of Presidential hopeful George W. Bush. I'm sure the man has made some mistakes, but just open your eye for a minute and look at the alternative, Al (I invented the internet) Gore. He's about as believable as your stories about "Shape-shifting reptiles" Did you and Al both go to the same school or what? You insult the intellegence of the American people! The fact that you have a website tells me that people actually buy the stinkin' books that you write. What a sad state of affairs this country has come to. I dare you to print this letter.

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Comments to the letter above

I live in Texas. The Bush administration is the most corrupt state government to ever exist in Texas. To make the statements above Tony could not have possibly read what David has stated about ALL presidential candidates. His love affair with the Bush's will cost him and all Americans dearly. It is the ultimate example of chosen ignorance to support or vote for either one of these REPTILES (devils, satans, etc). Yes, Texas is doing well economically under Bush... But I don't like the trade off.. money for evil... Bush Jr. is little more than a puppet and his public embarrasment by Attorney General Dan Morales, proves Bush has no earthly idea what goes on in government - right under his own nose. He has fattened his coffers by fraud. Read what Walter Burien has researched on where the money goes in Texas government.

George W. Bush, Dubya Jr. is guilty of treason against the constitutions of Texas and the U.S. --- A hanging offense not so long ago in history. Bush's views that FREEDOMS ought to be LIMITED is the most frightening statement to EVER LEAVE THE MOUTH of ANY CANDIDATE and any person in support of Bush with his publically stated views on FREEDOMS has to have their head buried up their XXXXX (in the sand). A love affair with the Bush's is a love affair with the New World Order of Papa Bush, aka CIA drug runner. But don't vote for Gore either... Hand write a vote for START OVER!

Ed from Texas

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