On July 4 weekend, the Virginia Taxpayers Association says "the independence we celebrate today is being blasted away by the United Nations faster than ever before."

The state taxpayer organization said today "plans are almost final for the Millennium Assembly and Summit Sept. 6-9 in New York, largest UN meeting in history, when further traces of independence for the United States will be torn away from us. These plans were thoroughly aired by a five-day Millennium Forum in New York ending May 26."

Listed by the VTA as "definite agenda items, among others" for the Millennium Assembly and Summit are: -- a United Nations standing army.

-- a "Tobin tax" on international currency transactions, "which might provide the UN its own exclusive revenue of up to 1.5 trillion a year." -- removing permanent Security Council member status and veto power from the United States.

-- an International Criminal Court "which might seek to prosecute U. S. citizens for so-called 'war crimes' even if the Senate does not ratify agreement for the court."

-- discussion of a Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms, "on which the U. S. representative along with others has already recommended taking arms away from civilians despite the Second Amendment."

The VTA, the nation's leading state organization opposing the Millennium Assembly, said "some of the convention's most alarming items could well be implemented by a willing Clinton executive order, based on the president's unchallenged 'success' with previous executive orders accepted without protest by a do-nothing Congress."


Kenneth White, President
E-mail: KWhite9472@aol.com

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