While listening in to Chris Gerner's American Expose show on shortwave radio last night (8.10.00) and interesting caller made the following comments.

He being a former military man made the comment that he found these 65 out of control wildfires in 11 different Western States to be most interesting. So far they have scorched up to 850,000 acres of forest land. What is so curious about this situation is that in all 65 fires it was well known that the Forest Service were in close proximity but were unable or unwilling to do anything about them until they were completely out of control.

Even more interesting is the fact that in Communist Military Manuals that this gentleman had viewed it was stated that in the face of impending war and conflict where Guerrilla activities were anticipated it would be most propitious to pre-start fires in the woods to defoliate the areas so that no hiding places would be available for the guerrillas.

He further made the point that it has been shown with the weather modifying weapon known as HAARP, that the New World Order boys can create rain anywhere they want it. Why haven't they put out these fires as yet. Why are they allowing them to continue to burn. Couple all of this information with the fact that President Clinton has already named Janet Reno to be Commissioner for FEMA effective on 10.1.2000. Then we have a rather interesting scenario shaping up. Is there something ominous at foot. Or just random coincidences. Only time will tell.

Mike from Dallas

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