4th Reich National ID is HERE, NOW!

Uri Dowbenko delivers the scoop on this ungodly and unprecedented gutting of our right to privacy and individual freedom, right here in our SO-CALLED "democratic republic" (yuk yuk).

What's very helpful is that at the end of his article, Uri lists groups and people who have organized to combat this sickening attack upon our inalienable human freedom.


High Tech Feudalism for the American Police State


Legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by Clinton portends a dismal future for freedom and privacy in America.

These laws mandate an unprecedented defacto ID and tracking system for all American citizens.

The old line "Papers, please" will be replaced by "Can I see your ID Card?" in this high tech version of the archetypal Police State.

The laws which are a blueprint for the National ID Card System include:

First, Public Law 104-208 (Division C, Title VI, Subtitle D, Section 656) mandates that for identification purposes, federal government agencies may accept only drivers' licenses which are "machine readable" and linked to Social Security numbers.

The Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must implement the national ID plan by October 1, 2000.

This law also stipulates the development of "counterfeit resistant Social Security cards" implying the use of biometric data like fingerprints, retinal scans and eventually DNA sampling. The driver's license, with its bar codes and magnetic strips, can carry enough information to become a database regarding your:

Eventually with so-called "smart cards," cards with electronically embedded microchips, *your military service record,

This has been euphemistically called a "unique identifier," making the card a proverbial cradle-to-grave tracking device for every Amerikan citizen.

Totalitarian bureaucrats in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Empire would have loved it.

Also, under Title IV, Subtitle A, "Pilot Programs for Employment Eligibility Conformation," there will be a toll-free telephone line so an employer can call the National Employment Database to check on a prospective employee. In the words of the law, you would have to be registered in order to work, since your prospective employer could check "concerning an individual's identity and whether the individual is authorized to be an employee."

Public Law 104-191, promoted as a so-called health-care reform legislation, mandates national standards for medical history information. The law states that every persons data will be stored and transmitted under a unique identifier (your Social Security number) making bureaucratic agency abuse not just probable but inevitable. Recently President Clinton has backed off, however.

Imagine the uproar. Imagine the scandal -- if the records of medical treatment for a certain president's cocaine-damaged septum became public.

Public Law 104-193, the so-called welfare reform law, was hailed as ensuring that 'deadbeat dads,' absentee fathers, could be tracked down and made to pay. However, it will ensure a permanent record of everone hired anywhere in America, categorized by Social Security number.

This is simply totalitarian-style population control technologyto track working people, whom the government considers as "human resources" or "taxpayers."

Section 317 requires states to "establish procedures requiring that the Social Security number of any applicant for a professional license, driver's license, recreational license, occupational license or marriage license be recorded on the application."

That's not all for Police State Legislation, folks. Many ominous bills loom on the horizon. For example, The Yates Firearms Registration Act and Crime Prevention Act of 1997, would require everyone who owns a firearm to register it with the federal government, submitting your name, age, address, Social Security number, name of manufacturer, the caliber or gauge, the model and type and serial identification of the firearm."

HR 231 "to improve the integrity of the Social Security card and to prvide for criminal penalties for fraud" would make the Social Security card every American citizen's photo ID.

HR 1428 would mandate states to require people to provide Social Security numbers when they register to vote.

Got your blood boiling?

Good. You can join the active resistance to the Amerikan Police State by getting involved.

Scott McDonald of Sovereign Citizens Against Numbering (SCAN) hosts a "Fight the Fingerprint!" webpage:

Based in Alabama to counteract the state mandates, Mr. McDonald's work can and should be supported by every American who has a heartbeat.

To find out how American Police State laws ties in with GATT, WTO and other globalist plans, go to his "Scan This News" email newsletter at the above address.

Other websites of interest are the Georgia Coalition to Repeal the Fingerprint Law at http://www.atlantainfoguide.com/repeal and Washington State Citizens Against National ID at

Don't miss Glen Roberts of Full Disclosure and his wonderful website
which highlights his thesis that the Social Security Number is no longer a legitimate means of identification because it is too widely available. Mr. Roberts, for example, was able to retrieve the SSN of Bill Gates, Sumner Redstone and other Fortune 500 plutocrats by accessing the SEC's EDGAR database. His Public Sources for SSNs page where you can access the numbers of Indiana sex offenders, State University of New York students and others is a real hoot.

For a copy of the American Police State Public Laws mentioned here, fax a request to 202-228-2815.

Copyright 2000 Uri Dowbenko. All Right Reserved

Uri Dowbenko can be reached by e-mail at u.dowbenko@mailcity.com

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