Martial Law Near?

I am at this time taking a great risk in hopes that I am very wrong...

But in order to serve the maximum good and save as many as possible if I am right...

and would rather take the embarassment of being wrong than the guilt of failing to act if right... and thus:

I am sending this alert to warn those who may, for whatever reason, be on the RED list.

In my opinion the unprecedented events of the last few hours imply to me that the End Game Scenario is now in play.

It may only be a matter of hours before martial law is declared, the Constitution suspended, and FEMA put in control. The National Gaurd would be mobilized, and likely, be sent to NEIGHBORING states where they would be more willing to fire on citizens.

Anyone in the military should be especially concerned if this comes about - for it is an indication of INTERNALLY caused terrorism.

READ ABOUT OPERATION NORTHWOOD if you doubt this is possible:

FYI, it is ironic to me, personally, that in my fictional movie script which I had posted on my Web site some months back... in the end game scenario presented there, a civilian passenger jet was involved to bring down the WTC and initiate secondary events - while TV cameras were already in place to broadcast the entire event (a New Year's celebration)

RSA victims who are getting this should prepare for attempts to activate them and apply them towards fueling the fear. And they just happened to have a news team in front ot the school in New York with the bomb threat as I type.

So if you are a Mind Control victim or are a political dissident on the Red List, do not go home, do not go to work. Prepare for the possibility of a long-term evasive posture. Move about with caution. Be prepared to assume a new identity and liquidate assets.

And before I finished typing this, Tom Brokaw was calling for us to 're-examine our personal freedoms' as part of steps to prevent these kinds of terrorist acts. The Fascist solution is always repression. Meanwhile, reporters on NBC streets are making unfounded commentary on car bombs and bombs in the sewers. NYC will never be the same, their hearts siezed in terror forever more.

Please pray. Not just for the obvious. But also, remember that God has fortold the end times. No matter how difficult it becomes, our salvation will be at hand. Put your faith in him, not the government.

Good luck
Harry Michael Sweeney

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