Significant Importance to the Brotherhood

The places targeted were of highly significant importance to the brotherhood.

The phallic symbols of the trade centre and the 'Star of David' shape of the Pentagon, along with the geometric positions have all been taken into account.

The pilots of the crashes have obviously been brainwashed and programmed into making the impacts, just like the driver in the killing of Diana. For no normal person would give up their lives for the sake of these alleged terrorists.

The government will benefit from all your cries of 'Something must be done!', and an international solution will no doubt be enforced.

Stocks and shares (including Illuminati Gold) have altered dramatically - which spells big profits at the expense of human life for the brotherhood who orchestrated this devastation.

This event is also handy to bring in the Euro in January as the prices of currencies fall over the next few months.

Take a few steps back people and look at the bigger picture.

Instead of worrying and sitting in fear, ask yourself, why would someone want me to react to this?

The answers are all in David's work.

Keep up the excellent work.

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