Questions the Puppet Press will Never Ask

Dear David:

I, like all other Americans, have been sitting glued to my television since the early morning hours on Tuesday when this horrendous tragedy began. Having read your books and been aware of much of the information you have so painstakingly written, I watched the unfolding scenes with horror, shock, an absolute sense of disbelief. While those emotions ran through me, I also knew that this reaction was normal - but that it was designed to obliterate any other thought or questions from our minds.

As a counteraction to this "trauma", I have continually reminded myself not to fall totally into this mindset, to try and remain balanced, to be discerning about the information I was being bombarded with, and to keep in mind at all times the question you have raised so many times: Who benefits? What will be accomplished when this is over? All power is now being transferred from the Congress to the "President" to deal with this situation as he sees fit. Oh my god. . .

Several issues/questions come to mind:

1. In interviews with a few of the survivors, why did the New York Transit Authority sound the all clear as people were evacuating from the first tower and tell them everything was okay? According to one woman, she walked down from the 105th floor of the WTC and said that many others that were with her went back to their offices when this all clear was sounded. This is an item that has not been addressed by any news commentator, even those who were doing the interviews.

2. The constant repetition of "we are living in a new world", "we will have to make sacrifices," "we will not give up our freedoms but America stands ready to do whatever it takes, "there are not normal times," "much will be asked of the American people. . .", etc. is right in line with mass brainwashing. I have to ask, however, with all of the new regulations being implemented regarding just air travel, WHICH ONE OF THESE NEW RULES WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THE "HI-JACKINGS" THAT WERE SO COORDINATED AND SO WELL PLANNED? THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS - NONE OF THEM! What does a ban on curbside service have to do with stopping any of this? According to one news report I read, the hi-jackers used razor blades hidden in some type of plastic casing - not knives! (As an aside, does this mean that we will no longer be able to carry shaving gear in a carry-on bag?)

3. Why is the United States government hell bent on getting the rest of the "free" world - NATO, etc. - involved in this? If one knows the "score," then this is an easy question to answer in that it creates the world police state as has been planned. The rest of the people need to be asking this question as this is totally irrelevant posturing.

4. Why did one tower "implode" and the other "explode?" As I watched the live coverage, I was talking on the phone to a friend. I commented, when I saw the implosion, "My God, it looks like the entire building was lined with explosives!" Could this possibly be true?

5. Why was the plane that crashed into the Pentagon allowed to fly as close to the White House as it did with no anti-aircraft retaliation? Keep in mind that this was well after the time the two crashes into the World Trade Center had occurred and the fact that air traffic controllers had been in contact with the FAA, secret service, etc. about the "rogue" aircraft. Not only that, phone calls had been made by passengers, as well as communication from some of the pilots.

6. Last night, Penn Station and the Empire State building were evacuated - at 11:00 eastern time. As I sit and write this today, Grand Central Station and Times Square are in the process of being evacuated. This will now become a new way of life for Americans - constant disruption of "normal" life, constant feeding of fear and panic, constant reliance on the "police" and our "intelligence agencies" to protect us.

Some of these things may appear to be superfluous in light of all that has happened but people need to realize that there is no way that this occurred without much inside help and coordination.

I am saddened beyond belief at the loss of life, at the carnage and destruction, most especially at the full realization of what these acts mean for all of us in the world. We are most definitely at war - but not with Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, or any other particular group we are being "told" are responsible for these atrocities. All out war has been declared on those of the Light!

For all those who may read this: We must all collectively draw upon the conscious energy of the Universe for strength, guidance, truth, and courage in battling the darkness so quickly enveloping our planet and ALWAYS KEEP IN THE FOREFRONT OF THE MIND THE BIGGER PICTURE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING.

My prayers, thoughts, and deepest thanks are with you and yours for your untiring work in bringing truth to all people.

Light, truth, justice, freedom, and love will prevail!

In deepest sadness,

A Friend

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