Am I completely bonkers?

Dear Mr. David Icke,

A friend of mine sent me a copy of your 'Illuminati' theory (Alice In Wonderland & The WTC Disaster--Ask Yourself: Who Benefits) ... I enjoy a good conspiracy theory; for they are exciting to contemplate, and they pass the time quite nicely on rainy days. In fact, I have created a few of my own in recent years (none of which are worth one thin dime).

I noted two things you may have overlooked in your new article:

1) President Bush's hopes for a missile defense shield--which he's been touting across the globe since his inauguration. One of the major arguments of those opposed to the presidents plan, is that the United States faces a greater threat from terrorist action, both foreign and domestic, than from nuclear launches by "rogue states." The tragedy in N. Y. C. punctuates their argument quite convincingly. At this point, I don't think it would be too far of a stretch to say that Mr. Bush's missile defense shield is effectively dead in the water with no hopes of a timely rescue. His opponents, due to circumstances unforeseen and beyond their control, seem to have won this argument. For this compelling reason, I exclude our commander and chief as a co-conspirator.

2) Who benefits? Israel, and no one else. I am treading on dangerous ground here, so before accusations of anti-Semitism are hurled at me, allow me to elaborate . . .

International support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands was dwindling rapidly. Voices from a great many nations were making known their serious misgivings about the devolving situation in Palestine. Even the United Nations, in recent months, cited the excessive force the Israeli's were using against the bane of their existence--the Palestinian people. The recent, outrageous precedings at the UN's anti-racism conference in Durban, South Africa made it very clear just how much Israeli support has waned over the last year (but I believe this action had been in the planning for an extremely long time).

For months now, Yassir Arafat has been pleading for UN troops to intervene in the conflict; asking for UN protection from escalating Israeli agression. His pleas have fallen upon deaf ears; for the United States has blocked every such action by the UN who seem to agree with Arafat. That is to say, they, too, believe that intervention is necessary to prevent this conflict from erupting into a full-blown war. Yet, the Bush administration maintains a strict "hands-off" policy with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian fiasco.

The Palestinian cause has made more progress these past 6 months than in the last decade. The tide was turning in favor of the Palestinians. That is, the world was finally beginning to listen, and acknowledging their plight. Even normally jaded and cynical Americans were opening their eyes and noting what was transpiring in Israel. Not only did they despise the brutality they saw, but many were questioning US funding of Israel which is allowing them to wage this non-stop decimation, and humiliating assault against the people of Palestine.

Why would Usama bin Laden, a former citizen of Saudi Arabia, and man of Yemeni and Palestinian parentage interfere with, and jeapordize the hard gained progress of the Palestinian cause? It doesn't seem very likely that he would. Something that my politically correct countrymen do not wish to dwell upon, is the all-encompassing, steel-like grip some members of the Jewish-American community have on American business and politics. Most of whom have duel loyalties and fully support the Zionist movement, (Zionism is the movement to establish and maintain a sovereign Jewish state [hardcore Zionists are equally fanatical about their cause as the most stringent of Islamic radicals are of their own]).

It is supremely important not to confuse Zionism with Judaism; for they are NOT the same thing. All Zionists are Jewish, but not all who observe Judaism are Zionists. Unfortunately, when any person speaks out against the Israeli government and their Gestapo-like policies, that same person is accused of being an anti-Semite. Unbeknownst to the average American, Arabs are ALSO of Semitic origins. I am not anti-Semitic in any sense of the term. I, too, am of a minority ethnic background and have experienced the self-esteem-sapping sting of racism. Because of my personal, intimate exeriences of being on the receiving end of racist attitudes, I will never subject any man, woman or child to its indignities (I am an American of Mexican descent).

Not long after the complete collapse of the WTC, the US media began airing film footage of Palestinians at the Gaza Strip dancing in the streets (this footage could be months old for all we know). At the time this footage was shown, no one knew who was responsible for this terrible tragedy as the offical US investigation had yet to ensue. Even now no one knows, but we've since laid the blame at Usama bin Laden's doorstep.

The irresponsible airing of this footage struck me as a deliberate attempt to heighten American anger and imply that it was they, the Palestinians, who were somehow responsible. This was an intentional ploy to sway Americans to support the faltering Israeli campaign against the Palestinian people. After all, in the wake of this deplorable crime, Americans needed someone at whom to direct their anger, their rage, and the Palestinians make a convenient target. Mental and emotional manipulation is in full swing in certain media circles this day, and will continue in the days to come.

There were also some reports of a similar celebration throughout the nation of Pakistan; reports of Pakistani citizens dancing and waving flags in their jubilation. What was not reported, however, is that on the day of the WTC disaster, a national holiday was underway in Pakistan; for the founder of their country, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, died on September 11, 1948. Every year, his life is celebrated on this anniversary. I only know this because I took the time to look it up on the internet. This would appear to be another blatant attempt to manipulate the public mindset, and stir anti-Arab and anti-Islamic sentiment among the vulnerable, unsuspecting American people.

In 1993 when the first attempt to destroy the WTC failed, it took US investigators quite some time to identify those connected with the blast. Oddly enough, the morning after the total collapse of both towers, the FBI had found loads of evidence and leads as to who these mysterious people had been. They found so much about these men so quickly, Guinness will be knocking at their door telling them they now hold the new world record for the fastest suspect nab.

It seems where ever the FBI turns they are literally stumbling over mountians of evidence. I suspect someone, or many someones, purposely left this giant trail of breadcrumbs for the express purpose of leading the FBI, BATF, and NTSB to the alleged suspects. I heard one very unlikely piece of information the following day; one of the hijacker's passports survived not only the crash and raging inferno fueled by innumerable gallons of jet petroleum, but also the utter collapse of millions of tons of debris from the buildings themselves.

Another odd report surfaced the day after: an eyewitness in a hotel bar claimed that he saw, or was personally engaged in some manner of altercation with a man of Arab descent. This witness claimed that the Arab in question appeared ready to skip out on his bar tab. Upon this accusation, the Arab stated that he was an American Airlines pilot and then proceeded to remove a "large wad of cash" from his pocket to pay his bill. Three questions:

1) Why does a terrorist who is about to pull off the single worst act of terror in the history of the world sit in a hotel bar getting drunk?(Muslims, especially strict fundamentalists, do not consume alcoholic beverages)

2) Why does said terrorist, of all possible occupations he could lie about, claim to be a pilot working for American Airlines; the very airline that would unknowingly take part in this terrible tragedy? 3) Why does a man who knows he's going to die only hours from that moment, have a huge amount of cash in his pocket? I wonder . . . if you knew your death was just hours away, would you have "a wad" of cash in your pocket, if so, what on earth for?

Obviously, these questions could have any number of answers, but it seems very improbable to me that any of the hijackers inolved in this action would have been lounging about in a hotel bar.

Mr. Icke, you spoke of this inconceivable action having the earmarks of an insider's job. I couldn't agree with you more. But I suspect Israeli intelligence is behind it.Why, you ask? To catapult the US government out of their non-interference stance with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to reignite world-wide support of their conquest by inflicting the worst kind of horror upon America and assigning the blame (and leaving a ridiculously obvious trail) to the Islamic world.

Predicting America's reaction to such an atrocite does not require a doctorate in phychology. Americans, who are already Islamophobic, require little prodding to force their suspicions and fear of Muslims to the surface. Why exhaust resources, time, and manpower on a futile battle when you can get someone else to take up your cause for you? With corporate America teeming with Zionist money, and numerous, influencial Zionist-supporting politicians positioned at high levels in the US government; in tandem with Israeli intelligence, they had the motive, the means, and the opportunity to pull off the unthinkable. But all of my rambling here is but a single possibility, and I've not covered all the evidence in this brief diatribe. Am I completely bonkers?

name with-held

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