What's the Big Idea?
It's a Big Bastard Idea!

Hello David!

Before I go on I must relay my utter respect and admiration for the work you have done and still do. I wish I had said that sentence when I wrote to you before.

This time, I write to you with an idea. It's a big bastard idea but then you know all about those!

So, without further ado and a rather funny feeling in my stomach, here's a proposal that I know you will support or at least agree with..........


Ummmmm, "radical" I hear you say but hold on a minute!! You have often said these words (well, maybe not in this particular order but you have always expressed their intention). However, I truly believe that no such 'coming together' can occur quickly enough, at this point in our history. Surely we have to know who to get together with?

The trouble is, (and I know you know this!), is that many people who agree with your truth or proclaim they are awake, are merely in a state of 'lucid dreaming' and some only choose to wake up when the harsh morning light isn't in their eyes.

It's fantastic that like-minded people who believe they are standing up for the truth are chatting in chat rooms, voicing their 'radical opinion on TV and radio as well as distributing your work but let's face it, it's like swimming through tar.

Now is the time to be strong and focused and most of all united. The brainwashed majority, god bless them, are not going to wake up one morning soon and say "shit, why didn't someone wake me?"

Our souls depend and demand action a decade ago!

Now is the time to come together as a 'Family' of light and love (I am not a dreamy new ager!!!!), but this description is the only one that encompasses the goals we all wish to see scored. I have been asking my whole life: "Why do I still not know my role on this earth??" (I'm 30 years old and have been floating around like a turd in the sewers all my life!). Thing is, it's been so obvious that I have continually failed to see or understand my part until recently. My spiritual search has been necessary but I was walking in an ever increasing circle rather than stepping over the crack in the pavement!

So here's the thing.

I hope you don't mind but I am asking for your help and assistance in you or your friends to send the above declaration to everyone you know who is of a like mind and spirit. Also, I am asking for your permission that any signed (what other word could I use?), declarations be forwarded to your site or e-magazine and collected. I feel absolutely confident that there will be the most incredible response. We are on our way.

Finally, could you let me know that you received this message. I have a feeling your communication channels are being seriously tampered with.

With much love


(email got through fine)

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