Arafat's Mouth Moved

Hi David.

OK, the whole New York disaster thing is pretty obvious to those who are no longer in dreamland. However, some who have woken up are still wiping sleep from their eyes and sometimes miss the obvious.

Without further blabbing, I'm referring to Yasser Arafat's very moving speech to America!

Mr Arafat appeared, and I quote, "quite visibly shaken " (me thinks the shakes were not due to the tragedy), and if you watch the little clip of him and his[ bodyguards]????you'll see something absolutely bizarre.

Whilst delivering his speech of sympathy and condolences to America, the man to the right of Mr Arafat was either telling him what to say/throwing his voice while Arafat's mouth moved, or directly controlling what came out of his mouth.

Honestly, you simply have to see the clip. I have taped it for prosperity and have rewound it countless times because I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing.

What makes this event even more fantastic is that millions of people saw it on TV!!! Hurrah!!!

Unfortunately, many people failed to see or will fail to believe what they actually saw.

I refuse to show the tape or bring up the event with my friends or family (all of them go BAAHH!!!) but I knew you'd appreciate it!

Please have a look at the clip if you can. Hopefully they will not have re-edited it yet!

You are sure to laugh yer tits off! (sorry, but no other phrase comes to mind at the mo).

Anyway, let me know your thoughts/reaction, it would be a great clip to show your audiences!!

Much love

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