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Voice recorder yields nothing

Voice recorder yields nothing
From AAP

EXCITEMENT about the recovery of electronic recorders from a hijacked airliner that smashed into the Pentagon has given way to disappointment, with nothing retrieved from the cockpit voice recorder.

The voice recorder, which appears to have been damaged by the intense fire that followed Tuesday's attack, could have provided major clues to how the hijackers gained control of the American Airlines Boeing 757.

FBI Director Robert Mueller says nothing has been received from the voice data recorder.

Information was, however, gained from the flight data recorder, a device that records information about altitude, the position of flight controls, engine performance and other details.

The recorders are required to be able to withstand a temperature of 1,100 degrees Celsius for a half hour. The Pentagon fire burned for two days.


Think! Watch the slight of hand reporting -- What pray-tell was in the Pentagon that would burn for two days? Further are we to expected to think that the Pentagon burned in excess of 1100 degrees celsius? Why would one still be functioning in light of this 1100 degree fire? Of course they really did not say the recorders were destroyed by any fire in excess of 1100 degrees -- just lead us to think that... In fact they only said one 'appears' to be damaged. Mueller only said nothing has been received from the recorder -- he did not say the recorder was blank... Sometimes it's what they DON'T say that really counts.



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