Bewildered by the Mass Mind Control Project

September 16, 2001

Dear David:

After the events of this week, I have been compelled to write to you and express my solidarity with you and all Light-beings. My message is:


I have recently returned to the U.S. after living abroad in Europe for nearly nine years and am completely bewildered by the mass mind control project put into effect here in that period. I, in fact, feel like an alien in the country where I was born, raised and have my fondest memories. It does not in any feeling or form resemble the country I left in 1992.

I strongly believe this was the year in which the Trance-formation of the U.S. began. Since then, and confirmed intuitively by my periodic visits here, it has progressively increased to reach its high-point with the "election" of our favorite George W. in December of 2000, which incidentally was the month of my return to America. Coincidence or what!

Words can not express the sense of gloom and human detachment which prevails in this once great land. Eerily, my thoughts have been caught up in a longing/nostalgic mode for a time that once was but is no more. America has entered into a void of darkness and soul-less existence. It has sold its desire to find one's true self for a fictitious slice of the American Way: an acronym for work, buy and consume until We (them) decide to take it all away from you. They have become paid slaves forfeiting the true significance of their existence for momentary material gratification.

I can not comprehend how they have all surrendered to this manipulated, patriotic frenzy, which will cause them great tribulations in the very near future. They will become shockingly aware of this starting as early as Monday Sept.17, the day the U.S. stock market crashes to be then followed by economic collapse. Oh, yes! The Illuminati have had this planned for quite a while now. This will then be proceeded by, as the established media has been methodically pounding into the heads and minds of its viewers and listeners, full-scale war.

They neglect to inform them, however, of the countless body bags that will be needed to return all the dead back in flag-draped coffins. If they can find any flags, that is. Yes, the media reports that there is now a flag shortage in country. Sadly, a drive down any US street will pretty much attest to it. (Maybe they can order some from China before they find an excuse to go to war against them too.) But this is just a global sacrifice for everyone(read: conforming world community) to make in order to have "world peace", their "peace" after diabolical human slaughter.

The sick part of all this tragedy is that they are dragging the whole world with them and will unleash unseen human suffering and misery on millions of innocents for quite some time.


Otherwise, we become acquiescing conspirators in their plot to dominate mankind. It is a difficult decision because you will be going against the tide and setting yourself up for derision and even alienation by others, even by those who we love. But haven't we done so in our lives up to now to an extent? Follow your hearts and have courage. Remember:


Believe it because I have experienced it and you will too. Your guides will not abandon you if you remain loyal to the truth and love.

With every passing day, our energy levels are increasing and we become more in-tune with our world. On the other hand, their energy is decreasing rapidly and they are desperate.

So, what do desperate entities do?
You got it.
They resort to desperate measures.

They know their time is about to come to an end and are doing everything in their power to put off the inevitable. As spiritual warriors, you are aware of your mission on this plane and there is nothing that can interfere with it. Keep your hearts and minds open and knowledge will come to you. We are not alone in this.

Please try to get this message across. Encourage people who live in the same geographic area to come together and share what they know. In this manner, a combined or group effort will have a better chance of disseminating and making a more convincing argument for the truth. As you obviously are aware of, people tend to believe what is being said by the masses and it is usually one or a few who create and influence them. In short, we can beat them at their own game. I will keep in touch.

P.S. One for the symbology archives. Did you notice that the airlines were American and United. Get it? Americans United…by tragedy. If you watch the continuous news coverage on the Illuminati, Murdoch-owned network Fox, the theme of the program is you guessed it…Americans United.

These are sick *#@^s.

Good Work and No Fear,

(if you don't think mass mind control is possible -
rent the movie Nuremberg -
listen to the pschologist's analysis
- a brainwashed nation through patriotism)

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