USA Like Canada HAS Border Patrol
Thought Police!

Whether or not you agree with genetic foods, a speaker who had questioned genetically modified foods in his literature was not allowed to enter the USA from Canada at the border the other day.

Whoa, now! So this means if you disagree with whatever is "appropriate" you may be deemed a possible terrorist in the wings ready to blow up stuff?

Very, very serious censorship of freedom of speech (heck, the material was written, not spoken) and censorship of thought has now begun! See what happens when you (the public) let your emotions of fear and anger justify harsher "control" to save your butt? (as made possible by the events last week and current public "sympathy").

Think this stuff all happens by accident? Again, people of the world have learned nothing since WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and now WWIII.

When you decide not to participate, you ARE participating. If you want the world to be a happier, warm and fuzzy place, then YOU have to get off your butt and DO (live your life) something DIFFERENTLY than last time. It starts with taking control of your OWN emotions (fear, etc) and not being a knee jerk puppet to them.

Secondly, it involves QUESTIONING everything, and I mean everything, with intelligence. How do you know something is the way it appears? Don't wimp out and decide not to participate (look the other way).

Thirdly, you MUST relate with other people more intelligently: be more understanding, compassionate (read Steven Covey's 7 habits). You see--life is 99.99999% interaction with nature and other people (no kidding, you say!).

The better your friendships, family and place of work's relationships are, the better your life becomes. Next step is to get interested in how your neighborhood is structured and how you can help to improve it (to make it happier, remember? Not put fences and barricades up-that's fear). Learning about how your neighborhood is structured will lead you to how your town or city is structured. Make the town or city better. Form associations, vote in somebody who is NOT part of the current fear/profit focus. Finally, city structure leads to state/province structure, which leads to the national structure.

Or you can sit on your butt and complain, "somebody should do something."

News flash:
SOMEBODY IS doing something.
That something is called
increased taxes and decreased freedoms!!
Don't believe it?

Just cause you don't believe something exists doesn't make it NOT exist. Ignorance is what imprisons the next generation (your children-or maybe you don't care?).

Sometimes I think that these emails I send just get blown off and tossed in the trash. If so, that's where your future goes. If not, please start with yourself, friends and family. How we treat each other reflects on how countries treat each other.




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