Need help locating WT destroying U.S.Buildings

I am in need of references to Watchtower Publications that contain images of United States Government buildings, especially The White House- depicted as being Violently Destroyed by the Watchtower Society.


Have MUCH of the WT Literature pre-1992, and a bit of the post-1992 stuff, but it is such a tremendous task to sift through all this literature to find these Watchtower-generated images of destruction of U. S. Government property and buildings, as well as the text or captions accompanying such.

Please send me the name of the Watchtower publication and page number and I will scan it and am in the process of making a Webpage which will contain all the Seditious Material I can compile on the Watchtower. I have the megabytes of space to do it. I just need help from others to point me to the locations in the WTLiterature.

I am presently drafting an "Open Letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation" to warn them of this Extremely Dangerous Network of Fundamentalist Fanatics who have a Global Network in place and whose intent is the Violent Overthrow of America, as well as all other governments in opposition to their Theocracy.

Of course, this Terror Organization we know as: The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, Inc.

The FBI and all other U.S.Security Agencies need to be duly warned. Please help in this effort to EXPOSE these "America Haters" and "World Haters".

As an example, here is an image in a 1988 Watchtower Publication: "Revelation - Grand Climax at Hand", page 52 which depicts the destruction of MANY Government Buildings. I know that is the United Nations Building in the center, and I'm almost certain that is The White House at the far left

But there are many other depictions, far clearer than this one- many in black and white pen drawings, and others in color of the Destruction of Government Buildings, especially The White House, which was A Target for the Fanatical Theocratic Fundamentalists who rained down such destruction this past Tuesday.

These are the images I presently need to show the appropriate authorities.

The FBI and other agencies need to be alerted that the Absolute Largest "Death To America!" group is headquartered a mere 2 miles southeast, from where the World Trade Center used to be... just across the East River in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is another image that the Watchtower provided in the same book above, on page 165, of their Anti-American Complex of Headquarters Buildings- highlighted, made most visible... with the whole of lower Manhattan cast in a deathly gray pall, and oddly enough, the World Trade Center buildings One and Two, which were completely destroyed days ago, are the faintest of all the buildings in Manhattan - the Watchtower depicts them as almost having faded from the skyline, in 1988.

Please help me out in this effort. I am sick and disabled and have very limited energy, and I have to make the most efficient use of the ability to do this, and if others can give me the exact references, I can go to my boxes of WTLiterature and pull out the right publications.

Either post these references or images or links here... or email me with the references (please do not send email attachments) at ' '

Now, if ever "The Time Is At Hand"... (using WT-Lingo) it is time to Put the Screws to this Evil Kult!




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