They Seemed to Implode
Tesla Technology?

The WTC could have been deliberately reduced to rubble for maximum visual impact on the 'World Stage.' and for major casualties to propel Americans into a war, they would otherwise never have accepted. If the twin towers had not collpsed, the buildings could have been evacuated and death and injury minimised. They seemed to implode.

Steven Evans a BBC correspondant who escaped from the WTC said live on air at the scene, "there was a much bigger explosion down below, I don't know what caused that!"

A rescue services employee told how he heard a huge "BOOM" just before the structure collapsed and disintegrated into dust. The potential to destroy buildings like this, has been in existence for over 80 years.

Nicola Tesla always maintained that he spoke to aliens and that his great contribution of the AC electric motor was the result of a sudden visual inspiration. For this pronouncement he was reviled by his scientific colleagues, in spite of this he was credited with the discovery of the electromagnetic propagation effect.

Tesla grappled with his lifelong objective of transmitting free electrical energy to all by pumping vast electrical potentials into the ground in one location to have in extracted on the other side of the globe.

He is supposed to have invented potentially terrible weapons, as part of his somewhat modernistic view of preserving peace. He invented the useful 'Tesla Coil', a circuitry which is designed to multiply it's frequency to achieve very large potentials.

He also invented a mechanical oscillator which he claimed could bring down tall structures, such as skyscrapers, with ease. He dabbled with so called 'death-rays' and an effect known as 'scalar vectoring,' which could destroy structures at a great distance-in the early to mid-1920's such devices were topical subjects for discussion.

Tesla had proven that a 'diabolical ray' could stop the electrical systems of cars, and gunpowder had been ignited at a distance of about 36 feet. Tesla continued to develop his idea of transmitting electrical energy worldwide using very low frequencies and maintained that his transmitter would produce one hundred million volts and up to a thousand amps-which equates to around a hundred billion watts!

He considered it would resonate at around 2MHz (the Earth's natural frequency is around 6MHz) producing an amount of energy equivalent to approximately ten megatons of TNT. He intended that all that energy could be focused on anything, with predictably devastating results.

Technology has far surpassed Tesla's initial experiments but it is also in the hands of the evil men of the USA military/industrial complex.

Hazel WM McKinlay

(Reference; Alien Intent-- Raymond Robinson.)

Think about it;
if the WTC had not collapsed into a heap of rubble, there would be no images to outrage the public with, other than two buildings charred at the top and a few hundred casualties. Bad enough, but not serious enough to declare war and mobilise the US military and NATO.

But the aerial pictures now being beamed around the World..continuously, depict a 'war zone,' total destruction and carnage, being imprinted on the mind by the media propaganda machine. Not to mention the initial strike, caught on camera by a crew, on the spot, filming (as you do) a "routine drain inspection."

The US military is the tightest, most secretive and secure, technologically advanced complex on Earth, monitoring all the movements and communications of potential 'terrorists' or 'subversives,' yet we are expected to believe that they had no previous intelligence of a carefully planned attack, executed with military precision, by a 'rag-tag' group of suicidal fanatics?

But, despite what the media are saying, they are losing the propaganda war already, this is backfiring, the horror has mobilised people for peace and anti-war demonstrations. However, that will not deter the NWO.




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