A group of unrelated former government employees and assets of the CIA, DEA, and other deep-cover operations (and the FAA), is available to provide testimony and documentation proving the existence of serious government misconduct, criminal and subversive activities, including decades of CIA drug smuggling into the United States. The group has been assembled by a former federal investigator.

(Most of these individuals have provided hundreds of hours of deposition-like information and documents during the past 10 years to Rodney Stich,(1) a former federal investigator, and author of Defrauding America, Unfriendly Skies, Drugging America, and Disavow. Most of them were directly involved in covert and unlawful activities under orders and direction of their CIA, DEA, and other government handlers. A few were in responsible positions when they discovered the crimes.)

The individual testimony of the members of the group can prove the existence of such covert activities as:

CIA-DEA drug smuggling into the United States, including the participation of officials in the National Security Council, the White House, the military, and the aiding and abetting by officials in control of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Widespread bankruptcy court corruption against individual Americans, implicating federal judges, federal trustees, attorneys and law firms. Massive looting of assets of those who naively exercise the statutory protections of Chapter 11, and then have their life's assets criminally seized, looted, and distributed among the participants. A multi-billion-dollar-a-year racketeering enterprise.

CIA looting of savings and loans and other financial institutions.

Retaliating against government agents and others seeking to report the crimes, to silence or discredit them, and thereby protect ongoing or prior criminal and/or subversive activities.

Aiding and abetting these criminal activities through cover-up, obstruction of justice, retaliation, by Justice Department employees, federal judges, Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, members of Congress, and much of the broadcast and print media.

Long-standing CIA joint activities with organized crime, including drug sales and drug-money laundering.

CIA-DEA drug activities that made possible the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

Criminal misconduct by FAA personnel, and cover-up by NTSB personnel, resulting in a series of specific airline crashes.

Justice Department and CIA misconduct resulting in SAM missiles obtained by terrorists, shortly before the TWA Flight 800 mishap.

Other corrupt activities involving high-level government officials.

(These criminal activities are described in the third edition of Defrauding America, third edition of Unfriendly Skies, and the first edition of Disavow).

Source and group member # 1: (Rodney Stich)(2) (Former federal inspector-investigator for the FAA, with years of continuous contacts with many former CIA and other deep-cover operatives.)

His 30 years of seeking to expose government corruption, starting as an insider, a government investigator, and his many deep-cover contacts, gives him the ability to tie together the various criminal activities. His testimony and documents would prove, among other things:

Corrupt and criminal activities associated with specific airline crashes. Hard-core evidence, acquired initially as a federal inspector-investigator, related to a number of specific airline crashes occurring in Stich's area of federal inspector responsibility. Thousands of pages of documents support his charges. Includes cover-up of the criminal activities by FAA, NTSB and Justice Department officials. This misconduct continues to play a permissive and contributing role in many airline crashes continuing to occur.

Decades of CIA drug trafficking into the United States. As an airline pilot in the 1950s, he learned from other pilots in Tokyo and Beirut that they were flying drugs for CIA-related activities. From approximately 1987 Stich learned from his many former CIA and other deep-cover sources. This group includes pilots who flew the drugs, people who had mid-level responsibilities in various areas of the drug activities, people who arranged for drug-money laundering through CIA bank facilities. These assets have provided Stich with affidavits, hundreds of documents, letters, detailing the criminal and subversive activities involving high-level government personnel.

Personal knowledge of judicial looting of bankruptcy court assets, augmented by information from his CIA sources.

Criminal cover-up and obstruction of justice by high-level government and non-government personnel. Stich details in his books the high-level cover-up and obstruction of justice by federal judges, Justice Department officials, much of the establishment media. These are criminal acts under federal law, and permitted to continue great harm upon the United States and most of its people.

Felony retaliation by federal judges and Justice Department employees, seeking to silence his reporting of criminal misconduct related to a series of airline crashes, his attempts to expose the CIA and other links to drug smuggling, silence his exposure of judicial corruption, among others. This retaliation is proven by judicial records.

Other criminal activities involving CIA, Justice Department employees, federal judges, and members of Congress.

Stich's evidence proving the existence of these crimes includes:

Hundreds of FAA reports and a 4000-page transcript of a hearing that he forced upon the FAA, during which he acted as a form of independent prosecutor. The evidence and testimony proved the relationship between criminal misconduct and a series of fraud-related and specific airline crashes, which continued to occur during the hearing, and for years afterwards.

Federal actions(3) filed by Stich seeking to report the criminal activities that he discovered, including the federal offenses associated with the airline crashes and then seeking to report the criminal activities implicating federal officials and those acting in their behalf (standard disavow tactics). The attempt to report federal crimes to a federal judge is provided, and required, under federal criminal statute, Title 18 USC Section 4.(4)

Thousands of sequestered government documents that he obtained while a federal investigator, judicial records, and obtained from his many CIA and other deep-cover sources.

Over 1,000 hours of statements concerning drug smuggling and other criminal activities made to Stich during the past ten years by his many CIA and other deep-cover sources, often in deposition-like settings, and sworn affidavits. Many of these information exchanges were in deposition-like sessions. Some of these depositions were filed into federal criminal actions.

Testimony that Stich can provide as to what he discovered during his official government duties and then as a private investigator who became a focal point for many former CIA and other deep-cover operatives.

The detailed and documented books written by Stich, including the third edition of Unfriendly Skies, second edition of Defrauding America, and first edition of Disavow. These books tie together the massive amount of documents and evidence presenting prima facie evidence of these criminal activities. These books have received excellent book reviews from sophisticated reviewers and people involved in covert agency activities. They were written for the sole purpose of circumventing the criminal obstruction of justice by virtually every government and non-government check and balance.

Source # 2: (CIA-ONI operative from the 1960s through 1980s, in mid to high-level covert activities, in various areas of covert activities).(5) His testimony would reveal, among other things:

Pattern of CIA-directed and condoned assassinations.

CIA drug trafficking from the Middle and Far East, the Caribbean and Central and South America, including the Los Angeles area, and aspects of the drugging of the blacks not previously revealed (such as funding CIA drug purchases from assets looted in bankruptcy court); joint activities with organized crime figures in drug smuggling and looting of savings and loans.

Judicial looting of bankruptcy court assets. Some of the looted funds were used to fund CIA drug purchases. These criminal activities involve federal judges, Justice Department trustees and other government employees, law firms and attorneys.

Involvement in October Surprise scheme, that corrupted the 1980 presidential elections.

Bribing of federal judges, and how they receive their bribe funds.

CIA role in setting up the Medellin and Cali cartels, making it easier for the CIA to coordinate drug sales.

Evidence. In addition to his own testimony, dozens of letters and hundred of taped deposition-like sessions are available as he described these covert activities.

Source # 3: Former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, sheep-dipped to Central Intelligence Agency.(6) His testimony and documents would reveal, among other things:

Personal knowledge of CIA, National Security Council and White House-directed drug shipments on military and CIA helicopters, the cooperation of the military in the drugging of America, and involvement of well-known national figures.

Personal knowledge of high-level involvement in drug-related activities. He carried on his helicopter trips such well-known figures as Oliver North, Dan Lasater, Buddy Young, William Barr (while attorney for Southern Air Transport and before he became US attorney general), Buddy Young (aide to Governor Bill Clinton), Felix Rodriguez (responsible to George Bush), to drug-related activities. These include inspection of drug laboratories, and once to a meeting with General Noriega and Barry Seal (the purpose of which was to discover where the drug money was being siphoned off on the Panama to Arkansas route).

Drugs to Arkansas. He flew drugs on US Army helicopters to Little Rock and Mena from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, including delivery to Dan Lasater and Buddy Young.

Military flight plans showing passengers and comments relating to drugs being carried. This witness has a great number of military flight plans showing his flights, who his passengers were, with comments on the flight plans showing carriage of drugs in coolers fraudulently marked "medical supplies." These flight plans included drug-carrying flights from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to Little Rock and Mena, Arkansas, delivering "medical supplies" in coolers to a "Doctor" Lasater (aka Dan Lasater) and Buddy Young (head of security for then-governor Bill Clinton).

Supporting evidence includes military flight plans, letters, affidavits, court filings, and tapes.

Source # 4:(7) (Head of a CIA proprietary airline for 16 years, carrying drugs for the CIA). Testimony and evidence would reveal, among other things:

Extensive knowledge of CIA drug smuggling into the United States from the Far East, as a result of being the titular head of a CIA proprietary airline that frequently carried drugs. Details of interaction with other CIA proprietary or front-airlines, including Southern Air Transport and Evergreen Airlines. The airline was CIA funded and equipped, and was based in Bangkok, with an office in Miami. Activities included hauling drugs from the Far East to the Philippines, where the drugs would be off-loaded onto other CIA proprietary airlines, such as Southern Air Transport. Later, when four-engine aircraft were provided, the drug-loaded planes went directly to the United States.

Supporting evidence would be testimony, from letters written by the source, tapes of his deposition-like statements, affidavits (filed in federal court proceedings) available, airline registration certificate and bill of sale certificates conveying ownership of C-130 aircraft to his airline.

CIA supplying arms to IRA.

Source # 5:(8) (Former pilot working with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Central and South America and the United States.) His testimony would reveal, among other things:

Arms being shipped by DEA and CIA to Contras and Sandinistas, in violation of U.S. law, and showing the false premise used by U.S. officials that they were supporting only one side, the Contras, allegedly to combat the country from selecting the communistic form of government. He flew the arms, provided by the DEA, in DEA-provided aircraft, and returned with drugs, off-loading at DEA facilities.

Arms exchanged for drugs, and hauling of drugs back to the United States, including unloading of drugs at DEA facilities at Addison Airport and elsewhere. Can provide precise details, maps, about the drug routes, landing strips, DEA and CIA contacts at each end, and how arms were sent to both the Contras and the Sandinistas.

Source # 6:(9) (Former CIA asset specializing in CIA money laundering, primarily in the Caribbean). His testimony would reveal, among other things:

CIA money laundering in Caribbean area, and CIA association with several well-known criminals.

He is described in Defrauding America.

Source # 7:(10) (Former OSS operative and pilot during World War II; CIA operative in Central and South America and the Far East. He was the pilot for United Nations' Dag Hammarskjold and the Shah of Iran. His testimony would reveal, among other things:

CIA drug trafficking from the Middle East, Central and South America, and the Far East. He flew drug loads for his CIA contacts, including allegedly Theodore Shackley.

Assassinations that he allegedly carried out in South America for the CIA.

Source # 8:(11) (Former CIA-ONI, Navy Seal). His testimony would reveal, among other things:

CIA-ordered assassinations. One being an alleged operation to assassinate presidential candidate Bill Clinton at San Francisco in 1980.

Drug smuggling activities by the CIA.

Source # 9:(12) (Former head of a CIA financial proprietary in Hawaii). His testimony would reveal, among other things:

Secret funding of CIA domestic operations. Familiar with CIA financial operations, including how CIA fronts are secretly funded.

CIA assisting Ferdinand Marcus with hiding stolen funds in the United States while U.S. Department of Justice was seeking these funds.

Opening and funding secret off-shore bank accounts for high-level U.S. officials. Familiar with how CIA funnels money to CIA proprietaries, how CIA opened and funded secret off-shore bank accounts for high-level federal officials.

Typical example of CIA disavow tactics, fraudulently denying involvement in operations which they fund and direct.

Source # 10:(13) (CIA operative in Europe and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s). His testimony would reveal, among others:

CIA drug-related dealings with organized crime in the United States. Involved directly in drug transfer between CIA and organized crime, including the Gotti crime family, and using CIA bank facilities to launder organized crime's drug money into offshore bank accounts.

October Surprise. Involved in October Surprise scheme.

Involved in CIA money laundering. Did money laundering for the CIA, and laundered drug money for the Gotti crime family, using CIA bank sources.

Believed to be involved in CIA looting of financial institutions.

Gave congressional testimony about drugs, drug-money laundering, etc. Testified about these activities to Congress in 1989. Transcript available. Congress, as usual, covered up.

Source # 11:(14) (CIA operative in Europe and the United States in 1970s and 1980s): His testimony would reveal:

Former CIA operative who worked with source number 9,

Involved in CIA-related activities with savings and loans and other financial institutions.

Source # 12:(15) (CIA operative in Europe during 1960s, 1970, 1980s): His testimony would reveal, among others:

Involvement in October Surprise clean-up operations, removing all records relating to the secret meetings in Paris with George Bush and other U.S. personnel.

Involvement in other CIA covert activities that were criminal in nature.

Source # 13:(16) (former CIA asset.) His testimony would reveal, among others:

Involved in money laundering associated with October Surprise, moving money for bribing Iranians.

Altering the Inslaw software stolen by Justice Department officials and a subsequent federal judge.

Movement of drug money for the CIA.

Source # 14:(17) (Former CIA-ONI asset). His testimony would reveal, among others:

CIA drug activities and drug-money laundering.

Source # 15:(18) (member of former army Special Operations Group). His testimony would reveal, among others:

Military's involvement in drug trafficking, setting up radio beacons for small aircraft to navigate from Colombia to Panama at very low levels.

CIA-military spying on state-level politicians.

Source # 16:(19) (trained small-plane contra pilots in Arkansas, worked with NSC Oliver North and William Barr). His testimony would reveal, among others:

Drug smuggling into the United States by the National Security Council and particularly Oliver North.

Involvement of high-level federal officials (including Oliver North, William Barr (before being appointed U.S. Attorney General over the Justice Department.

Involvement of government personnel in Arkansas, including Bill Clinton.

Source # 17:(20) (ONI asset, working on offshore oil rigs.) His testimony would reveal:

Drugs being off-loaded at oil rigs, and then sent by helicopter or boat to shore.

Knowledge about then-governor Bill Clinton's Arkansas drug activities.

CIA drug smuggling into the United States.

Source # 18:(21) (Former captain for major airline on routes from United States to Central and South America). His testimony would reveal:

Drugs and drug-money being shipped regularly on scheduled airline flights to Central and South America and return. Witnessed pallets of drugs being loaded on his aircraft on the northbound flights, and pallets of money being shipped southward to Central and South America.

Testified to Congress (as with other deep-cover sources, his information about drug trafficking was covered up.)

Source # 19:(22) (former CID investigator, extensive investigative experience in private, federal and for foreign countries). His testimony would reveal, among others:

CIA drug trafficking involving the CIA and other government entities.

Source # 20:(23) (private investigator, heavy on HUD and CIA misconduct in Denver area, and former son-in-law of key participant in various corrupt activities): His testimony would reveal, among others:

Corruption involving HUD, savings and loan, drug activities, and CIA involvement, primarily in the Denver area.

Source # 21:(24) (former CIA operative heavily involved in drug-related activities). He has testified to Congress in the past, and given information to the media, about drug smuggling involving the CIA, NSC, and White House personnel. His testimony would reveal, among others:

Drug smuggling activities by the CIA and National Security Council, among others.

Source # 22:(25) (attorney residing in Washington, DC, who worked closely with Stich and source # 2). His testimony would reveal, among others:

CIA drug trafficking, October Surprise, Inslaw, and other crimes.

Found dead under mysterious circumstances. The files on the hard drive of his computer were erased, his computer floppy disks were taken, as were his 55 audio tapes and their transcripts of information given by source # 2.

Source # 23:(26) (attorney residing in San Francisco, exchanging information with Stich). His testimony would reveal, among others:

Massive corruption in bankruptcy courts in San Francisco, implicating federal judges, Justice Department officials, attorneys and law firms, and the CIA, looting the assets of innocent people who naively exercised the statutory protections of Chapter 11.

Killed the night before the FBI was to receive his evidence. File on his computer hard drive were erased and his floppy disks and records taken from his office.

Source # 24:(27) (Former DIA operative, who worked with DEA in the Middle East). His testimony would reveal, among others:

CIA-DEA drug smuggling from the Middle East, in conjunction with Lebanese and Syrian drug traffickers, using civilian airliners for the drug-smuggling pipeline. His testimony would help to show how the bomb was placed on Pan Am 103; would show the Justice Department cover-up and obstruction of justice (among other criminal offenses); would show the misuse of federal power and sources to criminally retaliate against those who expose government misconduct.

Source # 25:(28) (Former DEA agent). His testimony would reveal:

The repeated actions of Justice Department officials who blocked prosecution of CIA-DEA-related drug trafficking into the United States.

Source # 26:(29) (Management in steel mill) His testimony would reveal:

CIA involvement in sending aircraft fraudulently sold as junk to foreign governments.

Source # 27:(30) (Head of an all-black assassination team).His testimony would reveal:

CIA operation in Indochina, commenced about five years before the start of the Vietnam War, with instructions to destabilize the region, assassinating whoever they came in contact with, including American advisors and military personnel. This mindset coincides with the School of the Americas and other assassination activities directed by the CIA.

Documents would reveal orders for him to extract if possible, or to kill if necessary, American POWs; and subsequent documents reveal the assassination of the America POWs, showing involvement of the White House, CIA, Marine Corps, among others.

Source # 28:(31) (Former DEA agent). His testimony would reveal:

The repeated actions of Justice Department personnel blocking prosecution of CIA-DEA related drug trafficking into the United States.

Source # 29:(32) (former IRS investigator). His testimony would reveal:

CIA-DEA drug trafficking at Mena Airport and other locations.

Obstruction of justice by Justice Department employees and then-Governor Bill Clinton.

Drug-money laundering activities involving the CIA.

Source # 30:(33) (former FBI Special Agent). His testimony would reveal:

CIA-DEA drug trafficking reported by FBI Special Agents.

High level government misconduct in Irangate; Iraqgate; known to the FBI years before these corrupt acts were known to the media.

Cover-up by the FBI of these criminal and treasonous acts against the United States.

High level threats to agents not to report such offenses.

False charges and retaliation against FBI Special Agent to silence and discredit these disclosures.

Source # 31:(34) (daughter of former organized crime figure and CIA paymaster). Her testimony would reveal:

Close connections between organized crime families and the CIA in drug trafficking.

Money distribution between organized crime families and the CIA.

CIA use of organized crime to commit assassinations in the United States.

Other CIA-organized crime relationships.

Source # 32:(35) former agent of the IRS. His testimony would reveal the evidence of intensive drug trafficking that he discovered in Arkansas, as part of his official duties. His testimony would also reveal the obstruction of justice by Justice Department employees.

Source # 33:(36) investigator for the State of Arkansas. His testimony would reveal the evidence of intensive drug trafficking in Arkansas that he discovered as part of his official duties, and the cover-up by state and federal law enforcement personnel.

Source # 34:(37) law enforcement agent with the New York City police department. His testimony would reveal evidence of drug trafficking into the United States involving Dominican Republic drug traffickers, working with the CIA, and protected by state and federal officials.

Source # 35:(38) former chief of Narcotics, INS office, in New York. He can testify about CIA involvement with drug trafficking, support of and protection of terrorist activities in the United States, repeated blocking of exposure and prosecution of these crimes against the American people. He is also another example of Justice Department retaliation against a federal employee after the employee exposed high-level government crimes.

Source # 36(39): narcotic agent with the Pennsylvania attorney general's office: He and a group of other agents discovered Dominican Republic drug traffickers working with the CIA and protected by state and federal officials.


1. Rodney Stich; FAX 925-295-1203; e-mail

2. Source number 1 is Rodney Stich, a former federal inspector-investigator and then a private investigator.

3. Stich v. United States, et al., 554 F.2d 1070 (9th Cir.) (table), cert. denied, 434 U.S. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety misconduct, violations of federal air safety laws, threats against government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct); Stich v. National Transportation Safety Board, 685 F.2d 446 (9th Cir.)(table), cert. denied, 459 U.S. 861 (1982))(addressed repeated criminal falsification of official airline accident reports, omitting highly sensitive air safety misconduct, making possible repeated crashes from the same sequestered problems); Amicus curiae brief filed on July 17, 1975, in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation, Flanagan v. McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America, Civil Action 74-808-PH, MDL 172, Central District California.) (addressing the long standing FAA misconduct, of which the cover-up of the DC-10 cargo door problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct); Filed in U.S. District Court, District of Columbia: Stich v. Kennedy, et al, No. C 89-0170 SS; Stich v. Department of Justice, et al, No. C 86-2523; Stich v. Department of Justice, et al, No. 87-2214; Filed in U.S. District Court, Reno: Stich v. Cranston, et al, No. C 89-85 ECR; Filed in U.S. District Court, Sacramento: Stich v. Schwartz, et al, No. C 86-0210; S.D. N.Y. Nos. 90-CIV 3164, 90 CIV 4957, 91 CIV 5118, 81 CIV 4958; District Columbia, No. 91 CIV 1242, Court of Appeals 91-5234.

4. Title 18 U.S.C. 4 (misprision of felony). "Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both."

Summary Of Criminal and Subversive Activities Against the United States That Would Be Revealed By the Testimony Of These Sources

The testimony of these insider sources, many of whom were federal agents authorized by law to make the determination of criminal activities that they sought to report, would disclose, among other offenses, the following crimes impacting on the nation's security:

Years of drug trafficking into the United States by the CIA, later assisted by the DEA and the military.

Close working relationship between organized crime and the CIA, inflicting great harm upon the United States and the American people.

Aiding and abetting of these acts through cover-ups and obstruction of justice by other federal offices, including:

The U.S. Department of Justice and its various divisions, including the FBI.

State Department, National Security Council, members of Congress, federal judges, justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, among others.

Most of the broadcast and print media.

CIA involvement in looting the savings and loans and other financial fraud.

Washington-ordered assassination of American POWs.

Pattern of obstruction of justice by people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the misuse of federal power and federal offices to retaliate against and to silence those seeking to expose these crimes.

Criminal retaliation against government agents to block the reporting of these and related crimes. Implicates Justice Department personnel, federal judges and Justices, and others.

Partial List Of People and Government Entities Who Were or Are Criminally Involved

This is a partial list of people and government entities who are or were criminally involved, either through direct criminal acts or through criminal cover-ups, obstruction of justice, or retaliating against those seeking to report the criminal activities.

Others Who Would Probably Testify

The above list does not contain the names of many former CIA and other deep-cover sources who had briefly contacted me with information, or the many airline pilots with whom I associated for the past 45 years who flew drugs for the CIA. The list also does not name the many other people, some of whom provided me with information, or those former federal employees who have written books about their findings of CIA drug trafficking or obstruction of justice by Justice Department employees.

This list of sources is being continually updated to include other people formerly involved in unlawful covert activities, or who were in a position to know of such activities, most of whom acted under their government handlers. As a group, these people, who are independent of each other, can circumvent the massive misinformation and obstruction of justice tactics by people in control of government entities such as the CIA and Justice Department, and much of the broadcast and print media. Additional reliable sources are welcome to aid in eliminating these threats to the security of the United States. The criminal activities revealed by these people reflects the enormous harm being inflicted upon the United States and many innocent Americans.

Some of these sources will be willing to appear on radio and TV shows. Others want to avoid Justice Department retaliation or for various reasons do not want publicity, but would appear under subpoena and assurance of protection against retaliation.




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