Star-Studded Benefit

Networks to Simulcast Benefit Show
By David Bauder
AP Television Writer
Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001; 9:01 a.m. EDT

NEW YORK At least 27 television networks have agreed to set aside their regular schedules to simulcast Friday's star-studded benefit for terrorist attack victims.

"America: A Tribute to Heroes" will be seen across the broadcast spectrum, on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, UPN, the WB, Pax TV, Univision and the Telemundo network.

Cable channels signed on include HBO, TNT, E!, Lifetime, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TNN, BET, BET Jazz, Fox Family, FX, Court TV, Discovery, TLC, Showtime and the Sundance Channel.

Tom Cruise, Bruce Springsteen, Julia Roberts, Jim Carrey, Stevie Wonder, George Clooney, Will Smith and Billy Joel are among the stars who have agreed to donate their time....

More stars come out for telethon

Brad Pitt, Meg Ryan and Jack Nicholson are among the Hollywood names who have been added to the list of those who will answer calls at a US charity telethon on Friday.

America: A Tribute to Heroes will raise money for those affected by the attacks on America. Jim Carrey, who has donated $1m (686,000), plus Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise had already been lined up to appear on the show, which is a rare collaboration between 28 channels.

Troubled singer Mariah Carey is due to make her first performance since being admitted to hospital after suffering a breakdown.

U2, Limp Bizkit, Bruce Springsteen and Sting will also appear at the two-hour event.

Actors who will take part

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