Dear David,

I will make it brief and say I think you are correct and on point.

My favourite subject is History. I have been told before several times I should have taught it. Perhaps so, or not. At the end of the Afgan War (in about 1843, as I recall), and in the Winter, the British Army of the Indus was forced to withdraw from Afganistan.

In five days of a forced march retreat through the Khyber Pass, they lost 15,000 men (most to the Afgans). The sole survivor was a doctor who made it all the way to a British outpost, alone and on foot. A tiny handful of survivors was exchanged to the British later. That was the end of the British attempt to control Afganistan.

From 1979-1989, the Soviets made the same mistake the British had. They threw over 100,000 men into the meat grinder of Afganistan. Some 15,000 of them died there over the period.

Many others returned wounded or crippled for life. Around 1,000,000 Afgans died. Now the IDIOTS of the USA stand ready to make the same plunge. I hope the Brits (and the rest of the world) are smart enough to say "No thanks, we'll sit this one out!", this time around, but I fear not.

I note Tony "Jingo" Blair dispatched the largest group of British RMC (was the SAS going too?) abroad to the "Middle East" since the Falklands "War", a week BEFORE the "SURPRISE terrorist attacks" in the USA.

He was, and sure is, right out there with those men, and ready to go into battle and fight and shed his blood, and die if need be right along side them, just as Bush is. What astounding valor!!!!!

I could just give them both a huge hug for their courage. I can't help but admire them both, what GREAT men they are! I can only wish I were so strong and so brave!

How many young men (and women perhaps!) will be sent home to their families in transfer caskets before the mood of the public sours on this "war"?

Far TOO many I fear.

We just never learn.

But then again,
There is no man so blind,
as the one who refuses to see.

Keep up the good work.

Houston, Texas



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