America's New War
The World's New Consciousness
by Peter Scheytt

The pictures of the collapsing World Trade Center are engraved into our minds - pictures of an unimaginable tragedy.

Many people feel emotions of fear, terror and helplessness.

Many people are asking for retaliation to punish the

perpetrators. Many people are looking for revenge to give way to their anger.

Many people are talking about a new war.

Is this really the world we choose to live in?

Is our response to violence more violence?

Do we find comfort in killing innocent people to avenge the death of innocent people?

Do we really have to continue the human drama of suffering that we have been playing for so long?

Between all the dust from the explosions there is also a chance - a chance to break with the behavioral pattern that has dominated recorded human history for at least the past 5000 years: War.

Has the war against Saddam Hussein 10 years ago made the world a safer place? Has the air raid on Moamar Ghadaffi's Tripoli some 15 years ago made the world a safer place? This question can be asked for any armed conflict in human history. The answer is the same. No.

The events on September 11, 2001 have made this painfully clear again.

And when you will ask that question in a few years: Have tighter airport controls, increased national security on a global scale and the first war of the 21st century made the world a safer place? The answer will still be the same. No.

Worldwide measures are already being taken to implement regulations that resemble those in a police state. Personal freedom is reduced under the pretext of making our lives safer.

It is a false security.

If we are going to attack now - who and where exactly? - using either conventional or "advanced" methods of warfare, we could end up with a global conflict that is going to result in tragedies which might even threaten our entire planet.

If this is the future we would like to experience - fair enough, go right ahead. It is our choice.

If, however, humanity's goal is to create a world of peace, freedom, and fulfillment for all people then we have to address the source of the problem and stop attacking the symptoms.

Our situation seems to be one where we are sitting in a boat, realizing that somebody has just punched a hole in the hull. Our reaction is to punch a hole in that other person's boat. But guess what? It is actually our own boat, because we are all sitting in the same one - there is only One! Instead of closing the leak, we create another one - thus only accelarating our own sinking.

Closing the leak means sharing the wealth and resources among all people to provide equal opportunity to live for all of us: Nobody has to worry about tomorrow's food or shelter. Everybody is provided for with health care. All people have access to knowledge.

Closing the leak means putting an end to secrecy and hidden political agendas and replacing them with visibility, integrity and honesty. Closing the leak means dropping the concept of "good" and "evil". Who's to judge, anyway?

Closing the leak means embracing the "enemy", because we are all One.

In the past few thousand years we have been trying to live together in peace - by waging war. It is time to acknowledge that this has not worked and it is time to act accordingly. It is time for a different approach - we owe it to ourselves. If that involves in a first step meeting with terrorists and conducting open and fair talks - then that is what it takes.

This is a process that will not be completed overnight. There will be more tragedies until the global shift of consciousness has reached critical mass at which point humanity will experience a quantum leap in its evolution. The years of suffering will be over and a new era of awareness will begin.

It is our responsibility to change what is not a reflection of our truth. America's New War is not my truth, a New Consciousness for the World Is.

Be your truth,
Peter Scheytt.




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