Will They
Place the Investigation in the X-Files?

Check this out. This article supports your claims that the planners behind the attacks were not necessarily radical muslims (though they are certainly being used to conduct the dirty work, including destroying themselves and everyone around them).

This article says that there is currently an investigation of anomalous fluctuations in airline and insurance stock transactions just prior to the attacks. In the days just before the attacks, someone sold large volumes of airline and insurance stocks, as well as the stocks of companies known to have offices inside the WTC, such as Merrill Lynch.

So who might this be...

It could be Bin Laden and his group. Bin Laden is, after all, a very wealthy man, and could have done some stock trading. But I seriously doubt he is that stupid. He would know that any buying and selling he did could be traced back to him. He decidedly does *not* seem interested in claiming responsibility for this attack. In fact he has denied it to this day. I believe people influenced by him carried out the attacks - but that the impetus that propels Al Qaeda throughout the world and keeps the fire burning, so to speak, is not Bin Laden. That work is carried out by the operatives of... something else.

I am convinced that someone or something else planned this attack, and that many knew about it and failed to stop it (as you've said on your website). Whoever these "people" are, Bin Laden and his groups answer to them (although they may not know it). Worse yet, I believe that this planning entity has enough control of the financial system and world politics that they could make it look like someone of their choice (e.g., Bin Laden), performed the insider trading.

I am also convinced that the investigation mentioned in the above article will be dropped soon when they find that the trail leads somewhere they wish it didn't. The investigators will be told to say that all trails lead to Bin Laden, and to place the investigation in the X-files and leave it there (where are Mulder and Scully when you need them). The press is alarmingly easy to silence. They're willing to drop a subject without notice.

I've had to search the internet worldwide to find anything about this investigation. There was one article in the American press and then it was dropped.

Helen R.

Did bin Laden short-sell shares?
Alok Agarwal
22 Sept 2001

Mumbai: Did Osama bin Laden and his clan short-sell shares of airline and insurance companies before launching the attacks on the World trade Center towers and the Pentagon?

According to news reports, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating into the possibility of this having happened. Their suspicion is based on the fact that a number of transactions, all benami, in airline and insurance company stocks increased substantially just a few days before the attack took place on 11 September. For example, a number of transactions in the United Airline stock rose almost 90 per cent in the week before the attack took place.

Some of these stocks identified by the FBI include United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, DSP Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. It is noteworthy that offices of DSP Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley were located in one of the WTC towers, which collapsed post-attack, inflicting heavy damage to the financial standing of these companies. 

In one of the news capsules of Zee News, Carrol Kennedy of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange revealed that in the 24 hours before and after the attack, market capitalisation of American Airlines fell to $24,000 from $1,80,000.

Similarly, market capitalisation of all other airline companies as well as insurance companies too dropped vertically in the aftermath of the strikes. It is worth noting that these two sectors have taken the biggest hit in terms of operations, revenues and profits. Carrol Kennedy said it was possible to unearth the gainers from these transactions, as the profits from the same have yet not been lifted from the market.    





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