Jack Booted Internet Hosts (Thugs)
Take Down Another Free Speech Alternative News Website

Hi David,

Our website based at www.9-11.co.uk had been online since just after the tragic events of 9-11-2001. We had set it up to give out the other side of the story and to give the public a way to do their own research and link to other similar sites (including yours) instead of having to be force fed only one angle, true or not, by the mainstream (and obviously manipulated and controlled) media. We were also giving people an alternative look at not just those events, but areas including the New World Order, Biometrics, the Police State, and various other alternative subjects not often spoke about in the mainstream media.

The domain name for our site is still active, but the US based server hosting the website/files became inactive and taken offline on Thursday afternoon. Seems like this was the second attempt within the past week to do so, and annoyingly on this occasion whoever was behind it succeeded in completely shutting down the whole server. It is at this current time being shipped overnight to a new (hopefully more secure) location. We should all have the choice to read what we want, and not have sites/servers shut down because one bunch of people disagree with it... or possibly know it's true and don't want anybody else knowing about it. Whatever happened to free speech?

We have the right to publish what we want, just as we have the right to read and research what we want. This is not going to stop us. It will only make us stronger and more determined to get the info out there. The website will be back up and running as soon as possible, even if it means uploading to a totally new server because from what we are told there has been damage done to that particular machine which may or may not be fixed. If it cannot be fixed by tommorrow night, it will be live again from a brand new system.

I hope everything is running smoothly for yourselves, and your not experiencing any of the problems that we have been. Your website has a great wealth of information that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

Please keep up the good work, and get yourself touring the UK again soon. It's been ages since we last saw you.

Take care, and god bless.


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