House Bill on Bombing Iraq

Hello, all. The Bush administration was unable to show any hard link between Iraq and the attacks of Sept. 11, so it has declared that the simple possession of weapons of mass destruction by a "rogue state" is terrorism. Now, the House International Relations Committee is considering a resolution that will declare Iraq's refusal to allow weapons inspectors in an act of "aggression" against the United States (weapons inspectors were removed by the United States shortly before the December 1998 "Desert Fox" bombing campaign, and Iraq has not allowed any back in).

This is a clear move to authorize large-scale bombing of Iraq. For those of you living in the United States, the following action alert has information on what to do. For everyone else, please do take note. It's not too early to start thinking about demonstrations.

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Crisis Update

International Affairs Committee Drafting Resolution to Authorize Bombing of Iraq Rep. Ron Paul Circulating Congressional Letter in Opposition

Friends - As many of you know, there has been immense pressure building recently within the Bush Administration, and the media, to make Iraq the next target in our unending war against terrorism. Now a number of members of Congress have written a letter urging President Bush to do just that, and this coming Tuesday the House International Relations Committee will be drafting a resolution to authorize attacks on Iraq. (Much greater attacks than what we have been doing already, aimed at overthrowing Saddam Hussein.) It will, among other things, stipulate that any refusal of Iraq to grant access to UN inspectors to any site in Iraq will be considered an "act of aggression against the United States."

Con. Ron Paul of Texas is circulating a letter opposing any attacks on Iraq. While not a pacifist letter, it does clearly state that there will be massive loss of life if we do this, that pretty much the rest of the world opposes us doing this, that even our allies freely acknowledge that there is no evidence that Iraq had anything to do with the September 11 bombing, and that taking military action against them would thus go well beyond the original resolution authorizing use of force in Afghanistan.

Please circulate this message to all your group and personal email listservs, and urge your group members, colleagues or friends to call their Representatives immediately (as in Monday and Tuesday) to speak against the bombing of Iraq, and to urge them to sign on to Rep. Paul's letter. While all members of Congress are important, the members of the House International Relations Committee are particularly so, and they are listed below.


Members of the House International Relations Committee

Henry J. Hyde, Chairman (R-IL) (202) 225-4561

Benjamin A. Gilman, New York -> (202) 225-3776
James A. Leach, Iowa -> (202) 225-6576
Doug Bereuter, Nebraska -> (202) 225-4806
Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey -> (202) 225-3765
Dan Burton, Indiana -> (202) 225-2276
Elton Gallegly, California -> (202) 225-5811
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida -> (202) 225-3931
Cass Ballenger, North Carolina -> (202) 225-2576
Dana Rohrabacher, California -> (202) 225-2415
Edward R. Royce, California -> (202) 225-4111
Peter T. King, New York -> (202) 225-7896
Steve Chabot, Ohio -> (202) 225-2216
Amo Houghton, New York -> (202) 225-3161
John M. McHugh, New York -> : (202) 225-4611
Richard Burr, North Carolina -> (202) 225-2071
John Cooksey, Louisiana -> (202) 225-8490
Thomas G. Tancredo, Colorado -> (202) 225-7882
Ron Paul, Texas -> (202) 225-2831
Nick Smith, Michigan -> (202) 225-6276
Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania -> (202) 225-2411
Darrell E. Issa, California -> (202) 225-3906
Eric Cantor, Virginia -> (202) 225-2815
Jeff Flake, Arizona -> (202) 225-2635
Brian D. Kerns, Indiana -> (202) 225-5805
Jo Ann Davis, Virginia -> 202. 225. 4261

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