Poachers go to jail-murderers go free!

Dear David,

My brothers that were murdered are Robert and Ben Moore. Tuesday at the courthouse in Phillips, Wis. they had a trial because some hunters were caught poaching bears. Here in Price County they don't seem to want to catch murderers. My mother, Roberta Moore picketed in the courtroom. The sign she carried said " Priority? Poachers go to jail-murderers go free! The BEE was there and channel 12 from Rhinelander Wis

We expected to see mom in the news or in the BEE. They completely buried the story. Mom again needs the support from all you good supportive people who truly care about the abuse and murder of children and have helped her in the past.

Maybe we should all contact the BEE and channel 12 in Rhinelander. Here is a sample of what could be said.

We want to know why you send poachers to jail but murderers are free? We want to know what the evidence is that was supposedly sent to the Crime Lab so long ago in the murder of the two boys. The evidence was supposed to be known within six weeks.

The case was reopened on September 20, 2000. To see this story the web address of the BEE is www.phillipswi.com look for story on search…Robert and Ben Moore for copy of case reopened.

Human life is of little value to certain people in high places. We have to show these people that human life (Children) should be THE PRIORITY. Imagine they spent three years looking and tracking bear poachers. Priorities should be catching pedophiles and murderers.

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