Indeed George Dubya
the truth will win out!

Dear David/Webmaster

Barbarism, western style! This is how America portrays its Humane face, its concern for human rights in the Free World that it so gallantly represents.

The treatment of these prisoners does not surprise me at all. It is the TRUE FACE OF THE MENTALITY OF THIS U.S GOVERNMENT along with the blessings of the government of Blair. Cherie Blair must feel very proud of her husband for exercising the principles that she is supposed to represent as president of the Human Rights Committee. PREACH BY EXAMPLE!

Tortured in Cuba

The incredibly brave spook torturers at Camp X Ray are proceeding with their rerun of the Spanish Inquisition, happy in the belief that they are immune from prosecution. After all, has not their Commander in Chief George Dubya Bush stated publicly that Cuba lies outside United States jurisdiction?

Well yes he has, but George Dubya is almost certainly wrong.

Guantanamo Bay was first leased by the United States from the new Republic of Cuba in 1903, to implement an act of Congress of the United States approved 2 March 1901, and an appendix to the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba promulgated 20 May 1902. The lease stipulates the area is to be used only for a coaling and naval station. No provisions exist at all for prisoner of war or concentration camps.

For nearly one hundred years, the United States has exercised the essential elements of sovereignty over this territory, without actually owning it. Persons on the reservation are amenable only to United States legislative enactments. Guantanamo Bay is thus a Naval reservation which, for all practical purposes, is American sovereign territory, with all that implies for American torturers later caught on the mainland of the United States. As George Dubya himself is so fond of saying: "These are evil men, and we will bring them to justice."


Mrs M R


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