Arrest of a scholar again

Feb 2, 2002

Dear Friends,

Yesterday afternoon, around 12:30pm, Clackamas County Sheriffs' Department arrested my husband, Fritz Springmeier, and placed him in Multinomah County Detention Center. When I asked them what the warrant charges were they said the charges were federal and that they were placing him on a 'U.S. Marshall Hold'.

Fritz managed to call me around 4:30pm to tell me that he was OK. Our conversation was cut short because they wanted the inmates for intake. He seemed to think that he would be arraigned on Monday.

I don't know what else to say except the obvious - that the times we live in are so frightening. What are we all going to do? Fritz wanted me to let you all know what was going on. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

May God help us all,

Patty Springmeier

Dear David:

WHY are they so afraid of Fritz Springwater? Could it be that he is an excellent exposer of mind control, illuminati bloodlines, the making and keeping of slaves, and the true nature of those who are running the planet? They seem intent on getting HIM. Maybe to terrorize everyone else doing this kind of research by making him an example.....

He is one of our great exposers of evil (as are you).......I think people need to stand up for him and demand an end to his persecution, the warrantless arrests, etc. Please encourage people to call and make noises about this.....and demand an end to his persecution. Thank you!


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