Fritz Springmeier
under electronic house arrest

Dear friends and fellow patriots, brothers and sisters, 5 Feb. '02

Your prayers were answered today. Thanks. I was released from jail at 10 p.m. Monday 4 Feb. Instead of jail, I will be under electronic house arrest, which means I can continue writing. I was able to minister to a few inmates so the unexpected "vacation" permitted some positive things to happen. Being at home will be blessing. It will allow me to be here for Patty as we go through these tough times.

How big of a blessing from God was my release? Consider the following. While I was held in jail I had made an initial phone call on intake, which was interrupted & stopped by an officer just as I began to talk to Patty, my wife. For the next three days, the jail prevented me from contacting anyone, so I was unable to inform my lawyer that I expected to be arraigned on Monday. I was charged with armed bank robbery of a bank in 1997, and they also charged me with a marijuana charge. With a charge as serious as armed bank robbery, I had little hope that they would consider releasing me, especially since I would have a public defender instead of my lawyer. My public defender did an outstanding job, and the judge cut through all the D.A.'s baloney and released me.

Most amazing. Call it a day when justice worked, or call it a miracle, or call it both. My wife Patty was also there supporting me, and her support also helped the Federal judge to release me. The marijuana charge is rather a joke, because they were unable to charge me with it when they raided us back on March 1, 2001, and it is obvious that it has been tossed in to try to give them more leverage and bargaining power with me. If they were unable to charge us with what they found in March, how are they going to do any better almost a year later?

The D.A. tried hard to convince the judge I was an extremely dangerous criminal that would pose a danger to the community, and with such charges it would have been easy for the judge to have kept me in jail. While the D.A. was trying to convince the judge that I was dangerous he spoke about my marijuana charge. He said that they found plant food and some root balls, which they could not identify (but might be marijuana) in my garage. While he apparently didn't realize it, he was clearly showing how little of real case they have.

Like I say, I think they added the marijuana indictment to intimidate me into pleading guilty to the big charge if they drop the little one. I am not saying that it isn't serious to be charged with all these things, but I seriously question what they think they have against me. I did not carry out an armed robbery of a bank, and hopefully there will be lots of evidence about that robbery, the more legitimate evidence, the easier it will be to vindicate me. I am telling you a little about the case. Most lawyers advise their clients not to talk about a case at all, so please don't expect me to give the details of these two cases, which will likely take a long time to settle anyway, because I will attempt to get a good lawyer and a jury trial. If I don't have a good lawyer, their homemade theories will stick, and then I will have a long vacation in some small cell someplace. Plus I was threatened that if I don't confess, it will go bad for my marriage.

I want to use my recent time being caged like an animal to remind all of us of the numerous wonderful Christian Patriots who are languishing in prisons. These men loved their country, and are paying a personal price. Two men that come to mind are Koernke and Winrod, but there are many others. It is so easy to forget what so many arrested patriots are going through. This letter won't even do justice to these men, because I should do more than just remind us about them. Perhaps later I can try to put together some thing more substantial about them. And it is not just men; there is a woman here in Oregon, Pamela Gaston, who has paid the full price for fighting for justice, liberty and morality.

Lest I be misunderstood, I can't give blanket approval to everything that is done in the name of patriotism, and I am not trying to. I am simply saying that honest law-abiding Americans have run out of options to restore our country's Constitution and guaranteed liberties. The Bill of Rights is dead. We are backed into a corner. And anyone who tries to do anything is squashed. And when these people are squashed I believe they deserve to be helped and remembered, no differently than Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn did with his Gulag Archipelago book.

I also want to give credit where credit is due. Most of the law enforcement people I encountered during this last week were honest, professional, and decent. There were also a few that were on power trips. For instance, for some reason, perhaps my stomach had not adjusted to jail food, I was terribly sick Saturday night and I managed to accidentally discover how the mouth can be used to texture several walls in a few seconds. If I could discover how people could vomit texture rather than food, I'd have something I could patent for cheap construction. After completing about 40 minutes of serving my day's meals up, I began to restore my room to a semblance of cleanliness. To finish the job, I pushed my cell button to request a mop to clean my cell.

After about 30 minutes I got a response to my emergency call. The guard came and told me never to use that emergency button unless I was suffering a heart attack (which made me think that in 30 minutes, I'd be dead of a heart attack). He told me if I pushed the button again for something frivolous he'd throw me in the hole. So I met all kinds of people. Some of whom were on power trips, some of whom obviously didn't care one way or the other about tyranny or rights, and others who were very considerate of human rights when they didn't have to be. It might be simpler in life if law enforcement people all wore black hats, we could use black and white thinking, like so many of them do.

But it isn't that simple. Some of the people that end up in jail need to be there, and some of the people in law enforcement are decent people that actually want to help the public. Thanks for allowing me to share some of my observations with you. In this particular case, bombarding the Feds with angry letters/emails would probably have backfired. Also in this case, I think the prayers of the righteous were effective. Praise the good Lord! I am alive and well, and now back home. Let's play ball. Time for me to come out of the dugout and start swinging again. Thanks for praying for us!

Yours, Fritz Springmeier

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