Do you trust email?
by Anthony Reed

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Recently, you may have seen an appeal launched on "alternative" news sites on the 'net. Its aim was to gather fifty volunteers to take part in an anti-New World Order (N.W.O.) project. Each volunteer would seek out and record the names and relevant contact details of local talk radio stations in a state of the U.S., allocated to them.

They would then feed their contribution back to a central point where a "master list" of all U.S. talk radio stations could be assembled for future use in a campaign designed to expose the N.W.O. widely. Gathering the volunteers was a slow but steady process, taking several weeks to achieve the target. Just after the new year, recruitment was complete. With instructions on what to do already prepared for the volunteers, that should have been the end of the most difficult stage of the project.

It wasn't. Of the fifty assembled volunteers, many of whom had initially replied with well-written and intelligent emails, completed information was only received from twelve. After repeatedly trying to contact the remaining thirty eight, a further thirteen replies were received. Some of those replies indicated that the volunteer had received no instructions and had at no stage heard from me, despite many emails having been sent to them.

Other replies were incoherent - important questions remaining unanswered, suggesting that the volunteer had not received all previous questions or comments sent to them. Despite repeated attempts, a full twenty five of the volunteers remain completely un-contactable. From these twenty five, (and the thirteen who were "found") no email has ever been received inquiring into the progress of the appeal. Many of the initial respondents showed themselves to be intelligent and alert. It is surprising that none asked why they had not been subsequently contacted, (presuming that to be the case).

Of the thirteen who made contact (many saying they were just about to return the information) - none has completed their task and sent details; or at least, they have never been received by me. It could be that some technical fault has developed with my email. Perhaps it is the same technical fault which developed last year when I was spreading information about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. Then, after a bout of mailing "sensitive" information to hundreds of recipients - no emails were received for many days. Later, perhaps after ten, or twenty days, a batch of say fifteen emails, from different sources, would arrive in one go.

Clearly these had been held up somewhere. My follow up emails to non-respondents would occasionally receive a reply - invariably saying that the first email had not been received. Several respondents reported they were themselves having email difficulties. I also discovered that mainstream media outlets in the UK and the US are censoring the C.A.F.R . site from the gaze of their employees. In neither country can the regular office staff at media satellite offices access the C.A.F.R. site as it returns a "404" error message. Staff also reported to me that they had noticed the problem with other sites. Ominously, they also reported that my emails had either not arrived, or arrived corrupted.

In short I believe it is unwise to assume that your email has ever arrived - even if this author's experience is down to a little bad luck, circumstances, technical anomalies and a little paranoia. In the next section I offer a home-grown hypothesis as to what's going on behind the scenes. Whatever the case, one thing's for sure - and that's that the people at the top of this unholy pyramid do not - can not - want us to be able to communicate together "en masse".

What I believe to be happening I'm going to make an assumption here - that the reader realizes there is no free press on this planet. Large corporations own the mainstream media - and it serves their agenda. Big business - which is essentially a corrupt operation, needs to hide its dealings - and does so by covert control (via ownership and staffing key positions) of the mainstream media. In short, it cannot allow free and open communication between people which would expose it. In order to prevent such communication on the 'net, what is necessary? Censorship of websites and email.

The fact that websites are often physically raided, would suggest that electronic censorship of these is difficult. However, email relies on different systems and these are, I believe, vulnerable to attack. The following is a hypothesis based on my personal experience and what I have seen of surveillance systems reported in the press. A news item on UK television a few years ago mentioned the Echelon network and showed that it not only intercepts emails - but that it is used in conjunction with a database that shows the networking of users (on email and telephone/fax etc) in a pictorial fashion. That means that an operator can call up your name and see on a networked diagram - who you connect to, via email or 'phone, as examples, on a regular (or occasional) basis.

I believe that Echelon (or a similar system) surpasses even this - allowing the N.W.O.'s Intelligence Services to intercept and interfere with email traffic. Such interception of information is a mainstay of military operations, where interfering with communications is an essential part of disabling the enemy. Does Carnivore go beyond snooping - seeking out and destroying emails? Its name would then certainly be more fitting. I believe the "system" that is in place at the moment, has evolved to where it is, along these lines. Take the following as an example. Imagine a new worker at a firm discovers some unsavory news about one of the senior managers and spreads it around via the internal email. The manager concerned goes to the IT manager saying that this shouldn't be allowed to happen. An amendment is made to the system, possibly restricting access to the email system in some way.

A year on and another worker finds out something about another manager. Same idea, same process and further restrictions to the email system. This method of plugging the leaks in the email system goes on. Ten years passes and you join the firm. You hear some "news" about one of the senior managers and decide to alert your colleagues. But now it's like running through treacle. There are so many checks in the system that it's impossible to simply spread information freely. Why assume the internet's email system, which has evolved under the N.W.O., is any different? But some truth is still getting out - you say. True, but is it enough? It doesn't matter if a small number of people realize what's happening. You have to get above a certain number to get to the critical mass that can effect change.

Provided the "authorities" can keep the numbers below that level - they win. This, I believe - is their goal. My own experience of using email to communicate repeatedly demonstrates that a fraction of my own emails are reaching their target. It isn't a complete block - just disruption - but enough to be effective. The point of email interference is never mentioned - and I believe is not realized by many. A complete block would be obvious, but intermittent interference is not.

A similar point was raised by Sherman Skolnick on a recent Jeff Rense show - but that is the first time I have heard or seen it mentioned. I believe it is a very real problem. At minimum, do not assume your email has arrived. But it's not all doom and gloom for those of us who are fighting for freedom. Talk radio cannot be interfered with in the same way.

The original project - to spread the word about the Alex Jones show may have stumbled, but his show has not. Since the inception of the project - the number of stations on which he can be received has grown from about seventy to over one hundred - remarkable growth. You can help now.

Get on the 'phone and call up your local stations to see if Alex is hosted. If the station is owned by Clearchannel, you'll have no luck. Henry Kissinger, the NWO operative, is on the board. I trust you realize what that means.

In the meantime - the project is continuing - and a list of all US radio talk stations will be produced shortly.

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