Number 39
April 14, 2002


by Gordon Thomas (EXCLUSIVE)

A high-ranking Chinese defector to America with full access to Beijing's powerful Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) - has revealed the most comprehensive ever details of China's spying operations against key economic and industrial targets in the United States.

State-of-the-market research and technology worth an estimated £14 billion has been stolen in the past three years since CSIS intensified its operations in the U.S.

The defector, Colonel Xu Junping, was Director of Strategy in China's Defence Ministry. For the past six years he oversaw all secret operations by CSIS against the West.

Xu has told his CIA debriefers how:

In the time Xu has been kept under wraps in a safe house deep in the countryside outside Washington D.C. - its perimeter guarded by crack-shot agents - the slim, good-looking 45-year-old defector has also provided invaluable insights into how much China knows:

Even more alarming was Xu's revelation that Osama bin Laden - to the U.S. "the grandmaster of terrorism" - has close contacts with CSIS.

"Our intelligence service operates on the principle that your enemies are our potential allies," Xu told his debriefers.

So important were some of Xu's revelations that U.S. National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, sat in on debriefings. She heard:

Xu's predictions have now been included in a CIA report entitled "Global Trends Up to 2015."* The report contains these chilling claims:

All the indications are there could be a major war by then. The main protagonists will be China and America. But Britain and NATO will inevitably be drawn in.

White House sources say a copy of the report is permanently on President Bush's desk in the Oval Office.

Xu, who speaks fluent English, was one of China's new breed of high fliers, "a brilliant strategist" - according to one CIA source.

He defected with nothing but the clothes he wore and a small overnight case. With his diplomatic passport, he had no problem catching a China Air flight to Bangkok. From there he flew to Washington. There he called a number a CIA agent had given him in Beijing.

An hour later he was installed in the CIA safe house. Five months of intensive debriefing is now over. During that time Xu was given the courtesies of a top-level defector.

He had his own chef to cook his favorite Chinese meals. Disguised in wig and padded suit to add weight to his slim body, he was taken to sports games.

Even his passion for football was catered to. Videos of Manchester United, his favorite team, were obtained from Britain for him to watch.

Then it was back to work, talking for hours into a microphone.

Xu has now entered the Witness Protection Program. He will have plastic surgery to change his appearance. A language teacher will coach him in the latest buzz words. He will get used to his new name. A job will be found for him and he will have a secret pension for life.

But he will have no physical protection against the ever present threat that a CSIS team will assassinate him.

"To give him a bodyguard would be to draw attention to him," said an FBI source. "His best protection will be his ability to melt into his chosen background."*

*A large portion of the "Global Trends Up to 2015" document and the full story of Xu Junping's revelations are included in Gordon Thomas' most recent book, Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America.

Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America, published by Dandelion Books, at,, "Autographed by the Author" Limited First Edition copies are now available through (toll-free) 1-888-609-5006.

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