FEMA Claus is coming to town…

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FEMA Claus is coming to town…

One of Adolph Hitler’s most successful programs was the Hitler Youth. By focusing their propaganda on the youngest, most gullible and malleable members of society, the Nazis were able to convince thousands of children to turn in their own parents for voicing political dissent in the privacy of their homes.

The trend began some time ago in America, with shows like COPS and America’s Most Wanted resulting in a small number of kids turning in their parents for drugs and other crimes, much to the delight of the Reagan/Bush crowd.

Now, the government’s gone high-tech. They’ve begun using the Internet in really sneaky ways, to gather information on potentially ‘dangerous’ people… for ‘National Security’ purposes of course.

At first glance, the FEMA Kids website may not look so bad to most people. It DOES educate about disaster preparedness quite well. It gets kids thinking about safety, which is always good.

But there’s a troubling side to this site. They have this ‘scavenger hunt’ on their checklist of links for kids to browse. Children are encouraged to fill out the scavenger hunt checklist and submit the info to the FEMA site, then proceed to the next page where they can apply for a FEMA Disaster Action Kid certificate.

To get the certificate; your son or daughter has to submit First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and three things they learned from the website. FEMA is requesting this information from A MINOR without parental consent, along with a checklist of information about things you keep around your house.

Forget the questionable legality of the government doing this for the moment. Take a look at the chain of web pages the kids have to follow, and the checklist:


You can become a FEMA Disaster Action Kid and get a certificate! Disaster Action Kids also get to be part of a special E-mail group, and will receive exciting news and information directly from FEMA on a regular basis.

Being a Disaster Action Kid is Fun! Disaster Action Kids are prepared! They know what items are needed in a disaster supply kit. They know how to protect their pets during a disaster. They also know what to do during each type of disaster. Being a Disaster Action Kid isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! Get your friends involved, too. All you need to do is read about disasters on this site, do the activities and test your knowledge.

When your checklist is complete, fill in this form to get a certificate with your name on it. Then just print it out!


How many items in a Family Disaster Kit do you already have on hand? How about a scavenger hunt?

Put a check next to each item that you find:

Stored water (10 points)
10 cans of food for each person in your house (10 points)
High energy foods like peanut butter, crackers and trail mix (5 points)
At least half of the items listed for a first aid kit (10 points) (ask your Mom or Dad for help)
Clothes set aside for everyone in the house, including shoes or boots (5 points)
A family disaster plan (15 points)

You get one point for each of these items you have in your house (or garage):

Mess kits or paper/plastic plates and cups
Battery-operated radio and extra batteries
Flashlight and extra batteries
Non-electric can opener and utility knife (like a Swiss Army knife)
Fire extinguisher (ABC type)
Matches in a waterproof container
Aluminum foil
Signal flares
Paper and pencils
Needle and thread
Shut-off wrench to turn off the gas and water to your house
Plastic sheeting
Whistle Toilet paper
Household chlorine bleach
Plastic bucket with a tight lid
Plastic garbage bags

After your kid fills out the checklist, the form FEMA asks him or her to fill out is found here…


It asks for the Child’s first name, last name, email address, and sends a cookie so FEMA can identify you at a later date and on any subsequent visits to the FEMA site.

The list may look innocuous enough, but consider the implications of the totality of the data they’re asking for…


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