I wish Americans would
get off their rumps

November 11, 2002

Dear Mr. Icke,

Last night I listened to an archived presentation of your interview with Jeff Rense, which I believe, was broadcast sometime in October of this year or later. It was days before the release of your book."Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center".

I never was one for conspiracies (except for the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations) until recently. That is, since the Presidential "election" of 2000 here in America. That is when things changed.

I must tell you, that until hearing the above-mentioned interview, I had never heard you speak and have never read anything you had written. No one even mentioned anything of you to me before this time.

I guess what astounded me is that almost everything you talked about in the interview with Jeff are the very same things that I had been thinking of since the last Presidential "election". This includes the events of 9/11 to the present.

When the Presidential "election" had got to the point of decision in Florida in 2000 I thought to myself "This should be interesting! I am going to get a lesson on how our Political System REALLY works". Little did I know at that time that not only was the system being challenged, but it was about to be destroyed. At least as how we as Americans were taught to perceive the system at that time.

Many Americans, through no real fault of their own, have the misconception that our political system as well as our Constitution and Bill of Rights are carved in stone and infallible. And further, those we put in charge of its protection and administration are actually going to do the job we charge them with. Americans have taken those things for granted. We put (wrongfully) all our trust in those elected figures to honor the system and duly protect it. We have done so for generations now paying the price in spades.

When I watched in disbelief the election process being ravaged in 2000, I told myself that something wasn't right. Then, in the weeks that followed the "election confirmation" of G.W.Bush I watched very closely the appointments he started to make to his cabinet. That is when I KNEW there was something wrong. I even started to comment to people.some of it tongue-and-cheek (although I truly believed it) that we were headed somewhere dark and foreboding. I then looked back at how our "election" for President went. I realized that Bush HAD to become President. If he didn't become President right now, all the plans already made would have to be put on hold or even abandoned. And those involved couldn't wait any longer. It was now or never. You can see it in hindsight now how strong that struggle was for the "proper" election results. Also seeing the same most recently in our mid-term elections. Something definitely IS rotten in the state of Denmark.

Well, enough of my rambling. I am buying your book and as soon as Jeff has tapes of his interviews available again, I am purchasing a copy of your interview.

I wish Americans would get off their rumps and start taking back their nation that they have given away on a silver platter. But Americans have become complacent. Conditioned to be so for obvious reasons. No longer do Americans have the spirit that built this country. They have been deflated. The only time we rally is when we're told to and usually for the wrong agenda.

I wish you a good day. Keep up the good work. I hope to catch you live someday.

Champion, MI


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