Those of us opposing the war

In response to the comments made by Mr. Chardet are sadly for me a normal response to the amount of correct coverage of the American people. There are certainly many who cling to the myth of the goodness of this government. They seem to need to do this the way a child needs to believe in her/his parents because of fear. Race plays an enormous part in this. Black people in this country have always been understandably skeptical don't buy into the lies as easily. This is another reson for the targeting of communities of color. Though as a sign of finally being able to belong finally many people of color have blindly attached themselves to to the false flag movement too.

However, I live in New York where I was born. I don't know anyone who likes or supports the current occupant of the Whitehouse. Most people that I speak to are repulsed by that simple minded unelected entity. Given that the 2000 election was stolen and repairs to the system were not made, at least in Florida, I don't know what the electorate may really want. The coporate media consistantly undereports the number of protesters at rallies and marches. When they do cover them, there are no interviews, no examination of the protestors point of view. The NY Times covered the enormous rally in Central Park in the metro section designated for local stories 2 days later not on the front page where the story belonged!

Those of us opposing the war have heard that callers 1,000 to one were calling some senate and congressional offices to oppose the war prior to the senate vote. Our calls were ignored. If there was ever a bigger indication of the complicity of the two parties I don't what it was. I understand why Mr. Chardet and others feel that no in the US opposes the Bush Regime of evildoers.


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