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I am just another person, reasonably well educated, well travelled, having lived on 4 continents, including in the Middle East for nearly a decade. I have a lot of friends around the globe and gain interesting knowledge from time to time. I wanted to make you aware of the following information, which you may be interested in researching further. I would also be happy to discuss further with you.

During the Iran - Iraq War through the 1980s it is widely acknowledged that the US supported both countries militarily, and generated significant revenue from the exercise. The objectives, as far as America was concerned, were that both countries would significantly weaken the other, thus ensuring that no dominant power would emerge in the region. It is widely acknowledged that US policy significantly prolonged this regional war.

To minimise the possibility of one or other country gaining a significant advantage in the ongoing war they placed a strategic cache of 500 deadly VX nerve gas armed missiles in Kuwait. The theory was that if either Iran or Iraq made significant gains in the war, then some or all of these weapons of mass destruction would be rapidly transferred to the other country, in order to redress the balance. In the event such an emergency never arose, but the emergency that did arise was Iraq's invasion of Kuwait during August 1990. Russian intelligence, who were aware of the presence of these missiles in Kuwait had tipped off the regime of Saddam Hussain. One of the spoils of his invasion were these very missiles, many of which he possesses to this day.

During the liberation of Kuwait one of the primary objectives was to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussain. However, the war was inexplicably curtailed short of this objective, an event which was never sufficiently explained to the world. Pursued deep into Iraq, Saddam's forces retaliated against the attacking army of roughly 100,000 using some of these VX nerve gas missiles. As the Americans were aware that he had possession of these 500 missiles their troops had been innoculated, prior to advancing into Iraq. However this innoculation doesn't alleviate all the symptoms of a VX attack and the remaining symptoms, which stay with a person until they die, manifest themselves in what became known as "Gulf War Syndrome", which syndrome the US government officially denies the existence of, and refer to as a "myth", despite thousands of deaths.

This whole episode has the potential to become one of the largest scandals in American foreign policy matters, especially when considering the likely litigation arising from families of "Gulf War Syndrome" deaths, not to mention the ethical issues surrounding this chapter.

A massive fear of the US government is that the UN inspectors are given sufficient time to stumble upon the remaining VX nerve gas missiles and expose them to the world, before the Americans have the opportunity to destroy these weapons once and for all during the anticipated war on Iraq. It was interesting that during Colin Powell's speech of Wednesday 5th March he made a a particular focus on Saddam producing and maintaining stocks of VX weapons. Perhaps US intelligence know that UN inspectors are close and thus they're conditioning the media......

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