US Death Camps

The US Administration named its offensive into Afghanistan and Iraq, a “war on terror” therefore, by all definitions the United States is at war, indefinitely and anyone captured during the course of this ongoing conflict, must be a prisoner of war, who in accordance with the Geneva Convention has unalienable human rights.

Simply by changing the name of POW’s to “enemy combatants” does not alter their status one iota; you could call them a “foreign threat” but their rights are still being violated. If the term “war crime” was changed to “peace initiative” it does not suddenly legitimize road-side executions of innocent Iraqi civilians and give the US an excuse to overrule International Law.

The detainees at Camp Delta were allegedly combating the enemy, to defend their country during a war, so they are prisoners of that war and should be treated as such, but the ultimate decision on the penalty of those tried by the Pentagon’s secretive Military Commission rests with President Bush and acquittal does not guarantee release.

Bush presided over a record number of executions while Governor of Texas, where he murdered one-hundred and eleven felons, mostly black people and never granted clemency. Professions of remorse or pleas for mercy didn't sway him, believing that “judgments about the heart and soul of an individual on death row are best left to a higher authority.”

So, if you are a ‘non-white’ inmate of Camp X-Ray and your fate is in Bush’s blood-stained hands, you ain’t coming out alive. However, Asians are merely being ‘piloted’ in this scheme, because racists don’t give a damn about “rag-heads” or “darkies” but soon, the dehumanised victims of this evil, unjust, illegal government will include “ordinary” un-American dissidents.

Who then will dare to protest when the death chambers start operating and boasting of mass-executions? We expect this in undemocratic nations or repressive regimes but not in the USA, and if you think it couldn’t happen in Britain, a “terror attack” of the type MI6 has pre-planned and pre-warned us about, would be all it takes to implement the same barbaric system here, for our future ‘protection.’


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